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Selection of poems from our readers

Published:Sunday | August 14, 2016 | 12:00 AM

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Omen or Dream?

Was it vision, omen or a dream?

I too got my warning ...

Two diverse coloured shoes

Dusk, rain and red clay ...

Stained in mud, determined

I forged along without my partner

Who earlier diverted sticking his 15" dagger in the sand, and

Silently watched me go alone.

Then I was stuck in a situation

That fiercely pointed to an end.

Saturated earth, dangerously sunken

I climbed over to cross the bridge. but inches below

The chasm ... any moment,

with my weight was going down ...

I tried to climb out again

After assessing my eminent situation.

Saturated mud, darkness, close to my destination.

No one would ever find me buried in this massive breakaway ...!

Struggling still to go over.

I could not get a single grip.

My heart stormed in flight of fright

Scenes of my past to present

Flashed before me ...

The amber signs cautioned

divert! divert! divert!

But my emotions clung to a heart that was not permitted the freedom to humanely beat!

As I struggled; those brown eyes seared my soul

Like hungry flames

Fighting its own anguish, an undying love

Ripped by massive physical and emotional pain

Surreal ... in mud all over

My white shoe and brown sandal

Were unrecognisable

did not matter anymore

My lighter side escaped from this awful scene!

With my heart still pounding ...

I wrote down this vision, omen or dream

Christine Neil-Wright

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