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Published:Sunday | November 13, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Donald Trump




Poor Sukie she kyaa wake up

An is not like seh shi ded.

But from election result come out

Shi cuss an gaan to bed!

Mi fren dress up in blue all day

In support of Hillary.

Mercy me! Shi capsize

Wen DI MAN get victory!

Wi bax har back to consciousness.

Is den mi fren get bad!

Shi halla till shi tek off weight.

Wi tink shi was gwine mad.

Hear har likkle dawta

'Hush now noh Mummy.'

'Sometimes di head dat wear di crown

Turn out quite unhappy.'

Sukie scream out pon di pickney.

Mi mout spread out in shak.

Shi seh - 'Yu pupa dedeh!'

'Red-Cap gwine sen im back!'

Mi neva know wat else fi do

Di way Sukie staat gwaan.

Shi all get more hysterical

Bout di plan fi bil-up wall!

Mi could'n badda anymore

Since mi know dat God naa sleep.

Di Bald Eagle it gwine haffi soar

An all di worl' ah watch fi see it!

- Erica Brown Marriott