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Published:Sunday | December 18, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Ability, Not Disability

Though I am disabled I deserve a chance

A chance to prove my worth,

A chance to work towards my future,

a chance in life to be better.

Don't look on me as dependency and cast me into

a land of poverty.

I don't deny I have a disability,

but I will never beg for pity.

Stop making your stupid fun at me,

treating me as a refugee.

Your action is of a low fate

Of which I won't tolerate.

So come and see my productivity,

then you will know I have ability.

Oh no, I am not helpless, neither am I hopeless.

Don't worry about what I can't do,

I can do even more that you.

Take a keen look and tell me what you think of me,

I am sure you will see I am of a high degree.

-Richard Henry

Cartoon Characters

A name is a powerful thing,

With Trump, "Trump Card" comes to mind, Triumphant, Trumpet

a calling to oneself, one likely to say "I am a Winner" not a Winnie

lizards are usually squashed here in Jamaica, so a name carries a lot of weight

and could determine your destiny........

Trump love him or leave him

could be classified

as the quintessential "Dennis the Menace" of American culture

at the same time toppling "the apple cart" "upsetting" but being every much

"the apple cart"

on one hand the "brashy" young kid on the block as well as the

stubborn grandfather Mr. Wilson

You'll have to blame the creators of the cartoons

for this paradox and thus the consequent media play he receives

for endearing him one way or another or plain simple

strengthening the icon/superiority of the white, blond male

whichever neighbourhoods he lands in

So don't rush me or punish me for puttin' in what some will consider

a good word for him

images are to be analysed

statues and statutes we hope will change things

whether male, female or otherwise

lets all worldwide be more human

"Betty" at best continued life with "Archie" with the occasional spat

with "Veronica". That's just how the bus gets loaded

- Helen-Ann Elizabeth Wilkinson



Everyday in Jamaica mothers weep in vain

Pleading with errant sons gone astray

On the news some of these sons get caught in bullet spray

A few of them have fathers that get to feel some of the pain

Some of the mothers tell lies in front of the camera because they are ashamed

They say their sons were innocent but we know they had strayed

Then police sometimes kill a few innocent despite being trained to shoot straight

So if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time then pray

Otherwise you will go to that place that only the dead know

And those who study the Bible theoretically claim to know

I love my country but I have aspirations to live in the snow

I want to live a good life and I hear over there is lined with gold

There is no way around it Jamaica is slow

The disparity in wages is atrocious sometimes I wonder if our Ministers know

I was one of many who chose not to vote because of the woeful potholes

Control Arms, Rack and Pinion and Tie rod ends those of us with older cars know

Low wages, corruption, high crime rate so they end up paying some to vote

And those who sell their votes are the ones that usually end up suffering the most

I am proud to be Jamaican especially every four years in August

But when I need visas to see the world I shake my head in disgust

- James Mcpherson