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Published:Sunday | December 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM
An aerial view of the illuminated christmas tree at the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation 2016 Tree lighting ceremony held in the St William Grant Park on Tuesday, December 20, 2016.
The Bible


Christmus time in Jamdung


A pae excitement around dis time

An di tief dem come out wid dem crime

Every house have peppa light

All tree pan di roadside a shine bright

Fariegn people full up every yawd

Everybady! All di one dem who neva cawl

Christmas Eve is anotha ting mi dear

Grand Market inna every square

In di mawning everybody tiad

But not a soul wid dem countenance sad

Early mawning church is the tradition

All di girl dem in di eve inna di latest edition

Six different meat kind inna di pat

And di sorrel juice keyah figet dat

Yu betta save dinna fi di next day

Cuz every paat wash clean cuz a holiday

When you see these things in Jamdung

You know seh Christmus a come

- Shuancie Barrett