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'The Spirit of Budo : History of Japanese Martial Arts to visit Kingston

Published:Sunday | January 1, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Japanese martial arts armour.
Japanese martial arts helmet.

National Museum Jamaica is presenting the exhibition entitled 'The Spirit of Budo: The History of Japanese Martial Arts' from January 9, 2017, to March 18, 2017, at the Institute of Jamaica, Water Lane Gallery.

'The Spirit of Budo: The History of Japanese Martial Arts' is an overseas travelling exhibition, which has been received from the Japan Foundation through the Embassy of Japan to Jamaica. It explores the rich history of Japanese martial arts through images, videos, and historical artefacts. The exhibition was planned and produced against the background of the strong global interest in Japan's martial arts culture.

"Budo is the Japanese word for 'martial ways', encompassing both their physical and spiritual dimensions," said Jonathan Greenland, director of National Museum Jamaica.

"Budo serves as a path to self-perfection. This exciting exhibition will explore the history of Samurai culture in Japan and the development of Japanese martial arts. Jamaican audiences have long been interested in martial arts as well as Japanese culture in general. This exhibition is a great introduction."

The exhibition will also explore the place of martial arts in modern, global culture and popular culture. It will feature some highly popular forms of martial arts such as karate, kendo, and judo, as well as sumo wrestling.

Throughout the exhibition, visitors will explore the deeper significance of the various Japanese martial arts as a philosophy and art form, rather than as just a form of combat or sporting activity. The visitor will not only learn about the history of martial arts in Japan, but also about the aesthetic awareness, creativity, social history, and ways of thinking of the Japanese people.

The exhibition will also include a hands-on dress-up corner, where children can try on Japanese clothing and armour, as well as a Japanese video game and manga graphic novel reading corner for children, featuring manga - Rurouni Kenshin, Dragon Ball, Naruto and Vagabond. There will also be a host of public programmes for visitors to see live demonstrations of Japanese martial arts.

The Tourism Enhancement Fund, the Japan Foundation, the Embassy of Japan to Jamaica, The Japan International Cooperation Agency, and Marubeni are sponsors of the exhibition.