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A Letter to Myself

Published:Sunday | January 8, 2017 | 12:00 AM
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Hi Karl,

I trust that my letter finds you in great spirit.

It's quite possible that you know me. Funny ..., I sometimes wonder if you even do.

Perhaps deja vu ... of sorts.

You see, Karl, my name is Id, one of three sons to Sigmund Freud. I have been guiding you since the day you were born.

My, how you have grown. Throughout your journey, I felt like I was somehow your psychic force, motivating you to pursue your impulses for whatever gratification you ventured off to pursue.

At times, it seemed I just could not understand your actions, or your thought process. My goodness, you have made quite a few bizarre decisions that defied reasoning and logic.

Like a voyeur, I watched you share your first kiss with Raquel at 12 years old. A few years later, I held you up (the best I could), then rested you on the ground when she told you she had missed her period. I ate your meals and slept for you for days until she gave you the good news that it was just late and had finally arrived.

Yes Karl, you were evolving, either into a frazzled juvenile, or someone greater and worthy of mention.

I hope you forgive me if I confess that I followed you from within, I admired you; I was angry with you; I was so proud of you; and I felt your pain.

I kept your deep scars private, nurturing you back to some level of stable emotional health until you were again able to stand on your own feet. My two siblings, Ego and Super Ego, gloated your accomplishments because you could not always rely on anyone else to do it for you.

The challenges that you faced during your transition to maturity were not exclusive to you. I am here to tell you that most people you encountered along your growth and development, at some point, faced similar periods of nadir with trials and tribulations, moments of despair and hopelessness, feeling of neglect, worthlessness, and uselessness. You would not know this Karl, but I will let you in on a safely guarded secret - until now.

Their lowest points in life are shielded and protected by their radiant smiles, the firmness of their handshakes, the confidence in their posture and speech, and the humanity in their willingness to help others - even in the face of adversities. Through your subconsciousness, my brothers and I were there motivating you to make positive adjustments in your life to rid yourself of these negative energies and push on relentlessly, only revealing the strength of your character that was positive and radiated love, happiness and contentment.

I shed your tears when you were constantly bullied in elementary school. Then I encouraged you (with what seemed like the entire school behind us) to stand up to him.

We were amazing!!!!

Think back in time, a few years ago, when you were at that crossroads in your life, riding the horns of dilemma. Who do you think calmed that beast of turmoil, allowing you to dismount and choose the correct path towards stability and a sense of purpose?

Karl, I am not professing a claim to greatness in your life, but I am here by your side to encourage rational thoughts. Thoughts that develop, promote, and encourage positive, instinctive behaviour.

I see in you a reflection of everyone. I see in everyone, a reflection of you.

My siblings, Ego, Super Ego, and I are proud of you. Please rest assured that we are with you with every step that you take, guiding your growth.

A younger colleague of my dad, Abraham Maslow, worked on a theory called the Hierarchy of Needs.

You may find his transition to self-actualisation helpful.

Please feel free to reach out to me should you care to talk to a 'friend'

Warmest regards


Karl Salmon

Toronto, Canada