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Contributed PhotoCaf? Blue Hamilton?s Smokehouse Black Forest Ham Crossainwich
The beautiful scenery and greenery of the Blue Mountains was breathtaking



Poor likkle Jamdung

It a get big mash up

Wid di whole heap a shoot down, lick down an chop up!

An some a di culprit noh run

Dem stan up

Like dem willin an waitin fi go chill

A lock up


Di blood roun di place everyday

Sick wi stomach

Wi back to di wall

Wi dumbstruck

Wi han up

All Satan gaan sleep

Di way im fed up

Poor likkle Jamdung

It down pon it luck


If di national hero dem

Kuda did wake up

All a dem wuda mus boun fi t'row-up

Wen dem look pon di place

Weh dem fight so fi bil up

Ow it a splash ina crime

Like it mus!


Jamdung can shake-up

An doggedly rake up

An tame callousness

Weh a sup pon wi blood!

Wi kyaa hide or run

Or simply succumb

To di mindless ol knife

Machete an di gun

Wi done!

Hoonu hear?

Wi done!


It a gwaan much too long

Wi gwine un-clog di jam

Weh a choke up wi nice, likkle Jamdung

By God, di time come!

Wi a beat pon aize drum fi seh

Freedom from crime ina Jamdung!

Chin up! Chin up likkle Jamdung!

Wi naa retreat

Wi naa tek defeat

Peace mus return to wi Jamdung!

- Erica Brown Marriott



Fervent, Effectual Prayer


Not a doubt

Not a single freckle

Not even a whisper

of doubt.

My faith,

Your faith

must be perfect.

As I pray

As you pray

for the sick

Never doubting.

God is able

at the sound of my voice

your voice

Insistent, diligent

In Jesus' name.

He will do it

For one, for many

who ask in faith and believe.

- by Nicole N. Watson

Wake up With Me...

Wake up with me...

It's after midnight and I can't sleep at all.

My head is pounding from a trauma caused by rage.

My flesh is hungry for something

I dare not exclaim.

Wake up with me! (prodding)

Let us brainstorm our goals,

Our aspirations for the future.

Our children's legacy.

Take us to a happy place.

Where there are no walls, no barriers,

No height nor depth.

No boundaries or roadblocks.

To hinder, suppress or chide,

The love we embrace in each other.

Wake up with me...

Stain these white sheets.

As our flesh and spirits combine in volcanic climax.

And animate nature grows silent to listen

To this true melodic art!!!

Wake up with me...

The room is ravaged!!

A day has passed since our blending as one.

You look so peaceful with that

Ear long smile across your face

But life goes on now!

Please help me to rearrange the pieces.

Wake up! Wake up with me.

As we greet a brand new dawn.

- Christine Neil-Wright


Think before you pull the trigger

Young men

Think before you pull the trigger

Think before you pull the trigger

to let the shot go out

When you pull the trigger and

take a life

You spill the blood and defile

the land

You take a life

You cause

Tears to flow

Bellies to burn

And sometimes cause others

to die too

Young men control your minds

Control your thoughts

Restraint yourselves

When you take a life you make

mothers cry

And make your mother cry too

It is not in you to pull a trigger

It's just that you are weak

Think before you pull the trigger

Think about the children that will

be left behind without a father

A father to give them bread

Think about the children

Who's lives will be torn apart

And will be left to all advantage

that are waiting around

Young men think before you

pull the trigger

Think before you pull the trigger

- V. O. Ricketts


Bag of Seeds

What kind of seeds did you sow in the past?

You thought you would win but you finished last

You partied and gambled all night long

And then decided you would follow the throng.

You sat on the sidewalk digging your palms

Stretching out your hands and begging alms

Days went by and you stood there idle

Over your tongue you didn't even put a bridle.

You knew your life was going downhill

Because you sow seeds against God's will

Your seeds fell among stony ground and withered

Life on a whole suddenly became a blizzard.

A good friend decided to help and gave you a Bible

Things began to turn around and you didn't have any rival

You began to sow good seeds and reap your blessings daily

Things suddenly became brighter and started getting gaily.

Matthew 13

- Hortense Francis