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Free eBook shares stories of Caribbean waterbirds

Published:Sunday | January 15, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Caribbean Waterbirds is a free ebook

From the coastlines and mangroves to ponds, lakes and rivers, waterbirds are an ever-present part of Caribbean landscape. They include majestic seabirds, gregarious ducks, elegant egrets, and a host of wading birds that make these islands a seasonal home.

Learning the stories of some of these birds is easy with the release of Caribbean Waterbirds, a free ebook produced by BirdsCaribbean.

The ebook contains pieces by six authors, each revealing something different about these birds and the wetlands that sustain them. One can learn how clever herons use tools, how waterbirds are found where they are least expected, and how birds survive a hurricane. The book, illustrated with photos, is a free download at

The timing of the ebook's release coincides with the beginning of the eighth annual Caribbean Waterbird Census. This census includes waterbird counts in over 100 locations on over a dozen islands. Although many are conducted by scientists and conservation groups, the census is designed so that anyone can participate.




The Caribbean is home to a wide variety of waterbirds, including both year-round residents and birds that travel thousands of miles to spend their winter here. Projects like the Caribbean Waterbird Census showcase how these birds are faring and what areas are most important to their survival. New discoveries are made every year.

The Caribbean Waterbird Census takes place each year between January 14 and February 3. Learn more about it on the BirdsCaribbean website, or contact a local conservation group to find census activities on your island. Caribbean Waterbirds is available for free download in English, Spanish, and French at