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What’s your motivation to start writing?

Published:Sunday | January 15, 2017 | 12:00 AMCorine La Font

Some persons are self-motivated while others need that extra bit of encouragement at times. it depends on the situation to get people to take action. For example, impending disaster forces people to take action, while money may be a subtle motivation in another situation.

I have spoken to aspiring authors to whom I have posed the question, 'What is your objective or reason for writing?" and some say it's for money, some for building a legacy, others for sharing their story, and others out of vexation from an experience that they don't want others to go through or learn from.

Whatever motivates or inspires you, use it to start writing and keep the momentum!

Realistically speaking, if you are writing with the sole aim of making money, then find another source of inspiration. I don't mean to burst your bubble, but it will take time to realise that goal unless you are one of those who have a very large network and you are writing on a niche topic or area that will be readily consumed to earn you the top spot on Amazon or capture the attention of a well-known publisher who will put significant investment into you and your work to get you to bestseller status.

Your best bet to sustained writing is one from a deep part of your soul, where the full meaning of each word and experience you share resonates with you and keeps you up at nights. You wouldn't want to go out and if you do, you want to hurry back to not miss a thought or you take a recording device or tablet with you everywhere you go to jot your thoughts down or continue writing.


Personal experience


Writing from personal experience makes writing easier. It comes to you naturally. The only struggle you may have is one of knowing what to say first, then second as your thoughts come flooding in. That's where you may need help to formulate the flow and structure so that you stay focused and not sound confused to your reader. However, without help, don't let this deter you. Just keep writing and the thoughts can be structured later. There are functions such as copy, paste, insert and delete for a reason!

It's early in the year yet. You still have time. Wouldn't it be an achievement to you to know that by mid-year or end of this year that you have written and published a book?

Don't think like others and question yourself on who are you to write a book. Think that way and you get nowhere. ! A story is within all of us. I have always said it. Even if that story has an impact on one life, it has done its work!

When I started writing for The Gleaner, my aim was to educate and to have an impact lives, and I have achieved that and more. It's been three years and going strong and if I ever harboured the thought of questioning the value I can bring to someone, I wouldn't be writing today or even be an award-winning author or be featured on Television Jamaica and all the other outcomes as a result of me writing. You just never know where one decision can take you because of your motivation or inspiration to do something that is bigger than you.

So far, I have threatened two of my closest friends to start writing their books and even them ideas that fit their profile and experience. They have no excuse to get started. What are you waiting on?

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