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Published:Sunday | January 22, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Emotions to Ink

Crushed papers, watery eyes

Every line begins with a tear

Hurt, pain, sadness, demise

All words describing her deepest fear

Futile thoughts of green pastures

As she tries to put her emotions to ink

But the sorrows of life masks the faint laughters

That she tried relentlessly to in sync

The tenth paper hits the floor with a sigh of frustration

She gave up and turned to God's Creation

In the whispers of the wind laid inspiration

The chirps of the birds screamed relaxation

She could hear the footsteps of silence

As nature felt her divine presence

Her emotions seeped through her pores

While endless lyrics walked through sealed doors.

- Shuancie Barrett

Uriah Madda tun Preacha/Teacha!

Yuh hear de latest news ah town?

Uriah Madda de wear Queen's crown !

Uriah Madda tun Teacha, Preacha, church get fraid

For long time now dem dash she whey and style har "old maid"

Plenty sey she poor and have no more use

Sey she smell of de market, plantation and every kind of worst refuse

Uriah Madda say "enough is enough", she nah teck "one more day of abuse"

She tun de tables and de congregation have to beg sorry, excuse

Uriah Madda neva married when she start 'breed'

but she grow she pickney good; him, can write and read

no gambling, work hard, no 'bun' weed

save, study wise, no sow wild seed

So she no agree with what some call vulgarity

she against starvation dat ah thrive in regularity

cause all kinds of sin flourish with familiarity

so much rampant wickedness, no impartiality

when people young ah serve an invest in de organization

why when dem grow old, dem suddenly not entitled to any fraternisation?

What bout dem sacrifice fi build over decades church foundation

when dem head gray yuh can't deal wid dem "geriatric situation"?

Very Young People denied training and formation in the religious sphere

"Rich" ones go ah front door but send de poor "fool farther" round the "back" stairs

But true God democratic and reveal Himself to all

the destitute must rise while the "wealthy" Pharisee will surely fall

Uriah Madda write more letta and email dan de apostle Paul

But har communication confronting evil and meck de people bawl

What she can't express by mouth she use har pen

She no fear Pastor, Politician, family, foe or "frien"

Uriah Madda know that poverty is not a good thing

but all Hell broke loose ah church when she bus out ah sing

"Rise up people of God, have done with lessa tings

Give heart an soul and mind an strength to serve de King of Kings!"

Uriah Madda know is best she abstain

for that sacrifice release much pain

See how earthquake nearly lick we

Time fi give you life to Jesus it is the best way fi yuh, fi me

- Elizabeth Wilkinson


I spent all my money on myself

I didn't even give back to God a cent

I even hid some dollars in the bookshelf

Within my heart, I knew I wouldn't be content.

I started listening to the pastor talking about money

In order to be blessed, I better change my attitude

God is a jealous God and He will not find this funny

I read Malachi 3 and noticed that I can even buy cat food.

If you give your tithes, the heavens will be opened

Take all your offerings and tithes into the storehouses

You can even plan a decent trip to Poland.

Life will start changing and you will get cars and houses.

- Hortense Francis

The Devil is in the Music (8 notes to make an octave)

It could appear that the devil is in the music

Seems he loves that score a major scale

You played a "good" hand and one "bad"

It was a star-studded affair

Catty calling me a "fattie", but you didn't stop to notice that while the organ, piano or voice may not be the forte I am praised for

my hands don't stop moving, bagpipes octopus me

still have cards to play left in my 6 other hands

- Elizabeth Wilkinson