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Published:Sunday | February 5, 2017 | 12:09 AM
Peter Abrahams
File Highway





(In celebration of the life of Peter Henry Abrahams)

Fly away Peter!

It's sweet relief at last

In the twinkling of an eye

Ninety-seven years

Have passed

You embraced Jamaica

Like a long, lost brother

A'Mine Boy' who told us of

'The View from Coyaba'

Son of South Africa

Free to meet now with Mandela!

Free to see your Daphne

You thought, perhaps, had gone


'Tell Freedom' now to those around

Nothing is at stake

Have your grand reunion

With all the other Greats!

I recall the brown and orange radio

Arresting my dad and me on nights

When you served those commentaries

Some on the vagaries of human life

We meet beneath the Odum Tree

Giving thanks to The Creator

For having given us the gift

Of the 'Privileged Spectator'

Totsiens Peter!


Erica Brown Marriott



A Stalwart


Passionately and compassionately, this stalwart, a great beacon on the hill of Red Hills St Andrew has been shining brightly since he sets his feet on this great shore of our wonderful country. Armed with great intellect, he was direct and circumspect in contributing to this nation literally and for touching the lives of many.

An icon, a great man, he will always be remembered.

Uniquely and timely in every word he wrote or spoke.

His words will resound continuously in our ears and will forever be etched in our minds for all times, great he was throughout the ninety seven years of his noble life.

May his precious soul rest in perfect peace.

- Crishna Clarke



A Broken Gem

He walked up to me with the most charming face

It was September 11 I believe

Quiet and wisdom filled was the place

Who knew fate had legs? I thought

Subtle was his demeanour I had to chase

Late night conversations pulled me closer

As I learnt about his agony and disgrace

He lost his heart in a scavenger hunt I gather

Now he is torn and insists on quitting the race

His personality is dear I say congenial

Steadfast in my track and right on my pace

He makes the most adorable gestures

Like kissing me on the forehead when I am staring into space

I have fallen deep in the void

That I have forgotten that this is not a true love case

Amiable, strong minded-quick witted intelligence

He has certainly fulfilled my taste

Although I may never become a Mrs

This broken gem I'll never replace

Shuancie Barrett


Near Misses

When the nail ran in the side of my face

When my heart beaten irregularly into time and space

When the bike almost sent me flying

When the bicycle knocked me to the ground crying

All the near misses God saved me from when I was a child

When I was in a coma for days

When I drank and committed evil ways

When the thief held the knife at my throat

When I went to beach, had problems and had to float

I am glad God helped me escape these near misses.

When I was in an abusive relationship

When I encountered the White Witch

When the bus almost ran me over

When I met in a car crash near passover

Thank you God for saving me from those near misses.

Hortense Francis

Aids a goh roun

Aids a goh roun

Mine yu self

Aids a spread oout

Yu betta run

Noh mek noh brownin kech yu

Noh mek noh big bres kech yu

Noh mek noh big battam

kech yu

Faar yu noh nooh hoo a caah

aids wid dem

Yu naah goh si aids print oout

pan Jan

Yu naah goh si aids print oout

pan Gem

But a noh everyting glitta a goal

Stick to yu man

An stick to yu ooman

An yu safe

Some ooman seh

Man fi share

Dem share yu man

An dem share aids wid im

An sen im ome to yu

Some man seh

Man noh fi kip wan ooman

Soh dem a gi dem ooman bun

Dem gi dem ooman bun

Ooman gi dem aids

An sen dem ome to yu

But ef dem did nooh wah

a gwaan eena dem baddy

Dem ooden baddah goh back ome

Wat a disgrace

Stick to yu man

An stick to yu ooman

An yu safe

Aids wi put yu oouta yu work

An mek yu goh baal an fret

Aids wi mek yu stress nite an


An wanda wen yu a goh ded

Aids wi mek yu run up an dung

a dacta

Aids wi mek yu spen oout all a

yu money

An yu wi nevva evva get betta

Aids mek people susu wid wan a nedda bout yu

An walk fur fram yu wen dem si yu

Stick to yu man

An stick to yu ooman

An yu safe

Noh get jumpy wen yu si wan man

a drive wan benz

Noh get jumpy wen yu si wan ooman

a drive wan benz

Noh put yuh self eena dem way

mek dem kech yu

Yu fi nooh seh aids drive eena

benz to

Noh badda bruck tick put eena

yu aze

Wen man an ooman oout deh

waan fren yu

Do memba aids

Stick to yu man

An stick to yu ooman

An yu safe safe safe

V.O. Ricketts

A Poetic Journey

The journey, many roads travelled.

Some steep and some flat;

Some narrow, some wide;

Some rough, some smooth;

Some filled with potholes;

Some straight and some winding.

You never know what road you will travel,

You don't know what may unravel.

At the cross roads, you may go left or right.

You have to venture with might.

The mystery, the magic of the unknown.

The beauty of the adventure in the red, green and yellow zone.

Take that journey with a positive mind,

Visualising and realising your dreams as you move along.

Erika Heslop Martin


The Martha and Mary Dichotomy

Martha worked

in the Kitchen

and Mary was allowed to pray

but never did Jesus support

Martha becoming prey

Skilled Midwives know "how to"

despite, a breech delivery, keep the fledgling new born intubated alive

So why did Martha become a martyr?

My God? why was this person forced into a box?

eating the young, such is the god of Pharaohs and King Herods

Elizabeth Wilkinson