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Ministry continues rollout of the National Standards Curriculum

Published:Sunday | February 5, 2017 | 12:00 AM

A series of workshops to better prepare school administrators and teachers in the implementation of the National Standards Curriculum (NSC) is scheduled to take place between February 22 and July 28 this year.

The workshops have been organised by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information against the background of the national curriculum at grades 1-9 being completely revised to ensure that Jamaican students are adequately prepared to meet the changing demands of the information and knowledge era and are able to function as productive global citizens.

The ministry notes that in a rapidly changing world, everyone must now be creative problem solvers, critical thinkers, communicators, collaborators, lifelong learners, and stewards of the environment. Consequently, the revised curriculum is aimed at addressing this new reality.

The ministry now has in place 'a dynamic, challenging, inspiring and inclusive curriculum' for the 21st century learner. The NSC comprises a curriculum framework document that encompasses the vision, aims, values, principles, competencies and the subject areas; the curriculum standards that outline what all students are expected to know and should be able to do at the end of a grade level in the different content areas; and the teacher's guide, indicating the teaching units, learning objectives, teaching-learning strategies, assessment, and learning outcomes.




The NSC is a learner-centred curriculum. The curriculum espouses the methodology inherent in the STEM disciplines in all subject areas. Therefore, teaching-learning strategies are replete with problem-solving and project-based activities that foster the development of required skills and competencies. The delivery of the NSC is enhanced with the use of information and communication technology and aesthetics.

The summative assessment for the NSC will be the Primary Exit Profile (PEP), which will replace the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT). The PEP will have its first sitting in 2019.

The MoEYI commenced the implementation of the NSC at Grades 1, 4, 7, 8, and 9 in September 2016 and will continue in September 2017 at Grades 2, 3, 5, and 6.