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Published:Sunday | February 12, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Forgive Me My Friend

Forgive me my friend of the wrongs

I have done you

Put them behind you for heaven sake

And let us reason for a while

Look in my face

I know you can

Don't let the devil tell you you


That is his plan to keep us apart

Forgiving each other is God's delight

Don't be too stubborn

Don't be too hard

Come let us face the task that is so

hard for you to tackle

Let us begin and do it

To forgive me my friend is not that

you are weak

It is the beginning of healing the heart

From heartache that will cause you to suffer great pain

God will forgive you if you forgive


It is the first step to a new start

If you truly forgive when you are


Your heart will be glad

Your burden will be light

If you don't forgive

You are killing yourself

And you will live in torment

for the rest of your life

V. O. Ricketts


A Man of Dreams


Unapologetic, without remorse

A man of dreams I am

Masculinity, ingenuity, seeking opportunity

A man of purpose and discourse.

Butter toffee palms to caress a woman

I am highly favoured and well flavoured

A man with two hands to never hit a woman.

My wealth of brewing thoughts percolates class

The taste of a man that appeals to a woman

I will not choke on society's bitter taste in ideologies

With lips that will not kiss the posterior of society.

Upon this land whereas my young shall birth

Chiselled beneath my chest weights respect

Extraordinary how my feet court the earth.

I am a man and my journey has begun

My progress is not stitched in a suit

But sewn in vision, determination and action.

If you have breath, if you have life

Then be a man living a legendary life

A man of dreams I am.

Sandre O. Lowers


Friendship Valentine


"What a friend we have in Jesus

ALL our sins and griefs to bear

What a privilege to carry

Everything, ... everything to the Lord in Prayer"

if it helps

keep it

if it hurts and can't heal

leave it

the hand of the surgeon

does not wound,

diseases instead are


"faithful are the wounds of a "friend"

but deceitful the kisses of an enemy"

time longer than rope

but don't tie too easily that noose


shift before it's too late

if the coast is clear

love now

don't hesitate

Elizabeth Wilkinson


Battle of the Mind


Why is this doubt lingering within my heart?

Surely I know that Christ died on the cross

When I know that this world we will depart

I ponder and think back on the millions I have lost.

Tears begin to well up in my eyes

And as the sweet gospel music echoes in the air

I lift my head and look to the skies

And search my heart and know He is near.

That old satan is a liar from the pit of hell

I remembered the miracles and the angels above

Surely there is a God and I will tell

All the breakthroughs I had from the Saviour.

- Hortense Francis