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Published:Sunday | February 26, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Words of Life

I look to the heavens to see His wonderful works

I search the Bible daily to build my inner man

I take a walk in the park to hear the birds chirp

I say affirmations every day to get off the divan.

The Word of God resonates throughout the world

I meditate on them day and night to gain courage

Then I know into the furnace I will not be hurled

I know I will never hunger and forage.

God's words are perfect and changes my soul

When I was a child I spoke foolishly but later became wise

I kept his commandments and kept my eyes on the goal

I knew that I would certainly win the prize.

God words are purer than refiner's gold

Say them out loud every day and on them ponder

You will look younger and never ever grow old

And from the His kingdom you will not wander.

Psalms 19

Hortense Francis

To all mothers

I love you, because you are a mother

You are what mothers meant

And whom mothers are

And whom mothers should be

A tender heart

A role model

In boys and girls

And every human being

You are mother

You have done well

With no tears to dry

No memories to cry

Sometimes painful tears

Warm hugs

And sweet sweet lullabies

Mothers you have done woll

By moulding us

And be simply satisfied

Winsome McKay

Climate Change

Di time hard

an' di dutty ruff

and tuff

Cah nuh rain nah

fall a tall

Di drought de 'bout

an' it bus mi shut

Can weed up nuh whey

ca di lan' brown and dri

an not a spek of cloud

in a di sky

Is like the grun a guh fry

Can wuk di lan

di place too haad

it mek callus a gro

in a mi han'

mi back deh bruck

mi can even tan up

Can feed di animal dem

mi no hab nuh wata

mi caa fin nuh grass

an mi ongle a get crass

Massa Gaad tings bad

bad bad

an ev'ry bady sad

Beg yuh, beg yuh sen

some rain

fi stap di pain

Becau' wi can cede di cloud

wi can ungle bawl out loud

an' dat nuh mek any bady proud

Ferdinand Boyd