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Published:Sunday | April 2, 2017 | 12:00 AM


The Glow


Someone, on hearing that you're gone,

Said that your light's no longer on

And for a moment I agreed

'Cause yes, there was darkness indeed

But then, as if straight from the sky

Appeared a glow which caught my eye

It brought such warmth I've felt before

But that's not all, there's so much more

I see it each and every day

Not passing through, but here to stay

Away from harm it guides my feet

And warms my meal each time I eat

When tears flow from life's stress and strain

Just like a balm, it soothes the pain

And when I'm doubtful what to do

That glow lights up the answer too

A joke will spark a laugh or two

And oh, that glow brightens anew

Then when at night I kneel to pray

It dims until Amen I say

And so, to that dear someone who

Had said that your bulb's burnt right through

I say without a doubt I know

Your light's not out, there's still a glow.

- Janet Elaine Smith




They run around and play hard

They do not worry what they will eat or guard

They do not think what they will wear

They sometimes shed a lot of tears

They do not worry or fret

They do not think about getting assets

They sometimes get themselves in trouble

Without a care they sometimes blow bubbles

But I tell you to humble yourself like a child

Always put on your face a smile

Do not be anxious for anything

And then you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Matthew 18:3

- Hortense Francis



The Real Purpose of My Life


I am a religious man from a small island in the Caribbean.

Faith, love, hope and goodwill are my greatest possessions.

My hope is as strong as the faith and the love that I have.

Every day I search for truth in the pages of the Bible.

The sacred texts help me to understand the real purpose of my life.

Why should I dwell in a land where there is no peace?

My hope is in a future paradise in which there will not be any suffering.

So I must share my hope with the inhabitants of the world.

My principal desire is to obey the commandments of Jehovah.

His words have more value to me than all the wealth of the world.

I am poor in vanity, but I am rich with God.

I have neither credentials nor a high position in the society.

My material achievements are very few in number,

But God has given me an abundance of wisdom, talent and ability.

I live each day to worship God and demonstrate love for my neighbours.

And I believe that I have discovered the real purpose of my life.

Marlon Pitter


I've found a man!


The song comes to mind

"I don't know how to love him" ...

Yeah I found a man!

Can you believe it?

After all this time

The joy of the woman at the well

I've found a Man"

One who knows about me

For her He was a man

She was one who was not unknowledgable about men

After all

Five husbands is enough of a track record

So Jesus was quite direct in his interview

"I found a man"

This was one I could not 'ramp' (run joke, trick or deceive) with

He sniffs out the truth ... "He knows the real me ..."

He always brings back the music to my head

To my being ...

"Come see a man who told me everything I ever did.."

What a man!


- Elizabeth Wilkinson