Tue | Oct 23, 2018

Entrepreneurship as a career option

Published:Sunday | May 28, 2017 | 12:00 AMSaudicka Diaram

In a recent class discussion about future jobs and careers, most of my students expressed fear, dismay, and fatigue about their careers after they get their degrees.

It is, unfortunately, believed that obtaining certain jobs is not on merit but through "links".

One of the students said that the only way to earn a living was to become an entrepreneur. But according to him, the reason he wanted to have his own business is because that was the only way it seemed possible to survive in Jamaica.

Through his eyes, the world of entrepreneurship looked easy and somewhat privileged, and then came the reality check: it is not a get-rich-quick scenario, but a journey, which has its challenges and risks.


Taking the Risk


Entrepreneurship is difficult but it can be rewarding if you're committed to making each day a learning experience as even the low days have a lesson to be learnt that can transform your business. Successful entrepreneurs will tell you that it takes unshakeable faith in yourself and commitment to pursuing your dream even when the odds are against you. On average, start-ups fail within the second year, but there are also remarkable success stories. Having said that, not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship.

A strong level of commitment is essential as there will be days when your best motivational coach won't be able to remove a fear, the doubts, and the sadness that come with disappointments that will occur. The good news is that those things don't last. It is really true that you get stronger and smarter as you grow in business.


Digital entrepreneurs


More young people should consider the world of entrepreneurship, or at least start to develop a business plan about something that they are passionate about, which is a critical first step because it is on paper that the viability of the business will become apparent. Learning about becoming an entrepreneur is a lifelong lesson. you keep acquiring new information at every new level.

Already, some students are ahead of the curve, through their digital exploits, logging on to the YouTube trend and monetising their content. This approach taps into the entrepreneurial skills of students, indicating that they are better marketers than they realise. Competing in the global space is serious business, and being able to employ all the necessary skills to stand out and to even to be able to earn is quite an achievement.

There are layers to social media marketing and advertising, and several students are already mastering the craft. For those who are digitally inclined, start creating content and posting. For those who enjoy the promotion aspect, maybe that is a way to develop your marketing and management skills. Good research will direct you to those multinational corporations that are seeking creative social media content, and you might be able to pitch your services to them.


Fill a need


You can earn before you are out of university if you tap into the right entrepreneurial mindset. Start where you can. Don't get jaded by the job market and stifle your earning potential as a budding entrepreneur. Students in your classroom, and even the wider campus, all have some sort of need that you might be able to fill. For instance, proofreaders are always needed. Setting up a printer in your room is a great way of catering to your population, as well as renting devices. Look out for occasions. You could make available cupcake services on Valentine's Day.

There are so many ideas you could think about if you focus on how you can generate income while studying.

You might ask, where would I get the time? But people make time for what is important to them. Your attitude towards your ideas now could be the difference between earning an income now or seeing a profit in the future.