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Published:Sunday | June 4, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Remembering Heather

She was my childhood sunshine

That always shone so bright

Offering sympathetic counsel to make things right

Never judgemental or casting blame

Always a word of praise, never shame.

Heather was that indomitable spirit

That was never silenced by a bullet.

Her comet fire always lit up the night

Leaving a trail of perpetual light

An indelible trail for me to emulate

"Do good to others, no matter what's their state"

A blood sister yes but a friend like a brother

Who also became my second mother

Her comet has returned to night's black sky

Leaving us a golden trail that will never die.

Keep on shining, Heather!

Lennie Little-White



I took everything, got glad and left for foreign

I had arrived because there was all I wanted

I partied, drank and met a girl named Lauren

I lost her, my money and became haunted.

I could not find food much less clothing

And I walked around begging for some work

I found some dope and started smoking

I saw a farmer and he handed me a fork.

Why should I work on this farm?

My father is rich with a lot of cars

I will go home, hope that he will forgive me and it brings no harm

So I packed my belongings and followed the stars.

Luke 15:11-32

Hortense Francis


Don't let our love wait

Darling, let's fall in love tonight,

My love can't wait until tomorrow.

Please me now or don't please me at all.

Now is the time for us to be lovers.

Pet me, tease me, night and day.

Hold me and squeeze me, work or play.

Take me, make me yours forever

And swear that your love will never disappear.

Darling, let's fall in love this minute,

I can't wait for you another hour.

Give me a fantasy when reality is obscured

And give me a cheer when my eyes are full of tears.

Let's go swimming in the lake tonight

And make love on a blanket as young lovers do.

Whether the tide is high or low it doesn't matter,

We'll hold hands and count the stars together.

Darling, don't let our love wait any longer,

We aren't getting any younger.

I've proposed to you twice before,

But I'll take this chance and ask you once again.

Darling, will you be my wife?

Tonight I wonder what your answer will be.

I'd tell you more if this poem was long enough,

But I hope that you grasp the meaning of these few words.

Darling, from the centre of my heart, I love you.

I love you, honestly I do.

Marlon Pitter



Look at me, I am not some ordinary girl

I am woman, and I am your mother

Extraordinary and highly favoured

I am queen of your earth

Look at the length of my strides

The strength in my thighs

And the sway of my hips to the rhythm of music

Look beyond my beauty and see all the potential

That lies deep within my soul

I am queen mother

Life resides within me

Love me for me

See me as your sister

I am your mother

I am woman

Watch me roar

Watch me conquer kingdoms

I walk with kings and princes

I am royal by name and nature

I am your mother

I nurtured life for 9 months

And for two decades I will be your main guide throughout life

Love me for every day you're alive

I am woman

I am queen

I am your mother

Remember to cherish me

Because I will always love you

I prayed for you before you were conceived

We were always together

We have danced through the ages

I was born with a part of you inside me

This is our destiny my sweet child

I am your mother

Love me for always

Kayan James


Summer song

Rain in September

Sunshine in Spring

Heaven is here

Joy be to the King

Snow in December

Poinsettias bloom red

I still remember

Tell me the colours of the rainbow

Dews sprinkled on green grass

It is the eve of Spring morn

Love has come

My heart is filled with laughter

My soul in unison

Enjoined in joys abound

The king has come

Gloom of the night passed

Little rivulets dashing

In the great blue glory seas

Rolling like thunder

Telling the creator's story

Yahshua the King in reigning

My soul aspiring

Giving me dreams

Riveting visions

My questions are answered

My quest is over

I am home at last

In the heaven I am singing

Soaring the universe so vast

Winsome McKay