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Pointers to Publishing | Get paid to write

Published:Sunday | June 25, 2017 | 12:00 AMCorine La Font

Writers often ask the questions: How do I get paid for what I write? What resources are there for me. Let us start with the fundamentals. Nothing is guaranteed, and it takes work and patience, and it also depends on the quality of your writing to be selected.

You can make a career out of writing once you have a good niche market, so that means that you need to have your specialisation.

It can be two or three areas, but you should look at your strengths and build upon. You can build your reputation and credibility and, of course, a following, and maybe, just maybe, you may get recommended because you are seen as the expert.

You have to be patient with the process. It will take time to earn the amount you really desire. Craft a budget of what you would like to earn monthly, say, as a start, US$1,000. Then, based on the links you choose to follow and the estimated payment per article or blog you write, you can make a calculated guess of how many articles/blogs you will be required to write per month.

Writing for someone else really saves them time and effort, and there are lots of people out there who need the support and help. Take time to build and, of course, always remember to ask for a referral as persons always know someone else who may just be in need of your services.

Don't be too quick to say yes or no when approached to write. Desperation will kick in because you need the money, but take the time to think about what is being asked of you and really determine if it is in your area and negotiate the price, if that is allowed.

Don't expect things to happen overnight. Remember, you are starting off, and you want to build a base. Review any work that comes your way carefully. Do not overprice or undercut yourself. Be reasonable in your pricing. See what is being offered in other places for the same or similar work and then make an offer to the client.

Timeliness are critical when responding.

No one has time to waste. Ensure that your notifications are able to pop up via email or text via your phone so, you can respond quickly or else the work that you are pitching for might go to someone else.

Always be professional in your response and be willing to go the extra mile, within reason. A satisfied client means repeat business and referrals. A business like this offers you the flexibility you are looking for, so it's worth the time and effort being professional.


Payment methods


In terms of payment, ensure that you have an easy way to get paid. You can research options like PayPal or Payoneer.

Don't take anything for granted. Know that you are dealing with an international audience and language can be a barrier, so be careful with phrases that may be associated with your own culture and values. It may not be the same for another.

Always seek clarification when communicating and negotiating the deal. The one thing you wouldn't want is miscommunication over something so simple that you could have taken the time to resolve.

Ensure that there is documentary evidence and a paper trail for all your interactions with your prospective client. Make sure you take screenshots or videos. Be transparent. In other words, document and date all your files and revisions as you go along to track and avoid any discrepancies or disputes should they arise.

It falls into the trap of miscommunication and can safely prevent and clarify any misunderstanding. You can check out the following links to get more insight.

These three links are informative and useful.

All the best in your endeavours!

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