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Published:Sunday | July 2, 2017 | 12:00 AMGen Clacken

Scientists are in agreement that the human brain operates based on connections, associations, and triggers. They say that the brain does not process information in very linear ways but, rather, iN ways that can seem very random, very non-linear, and very multidirectional.

Mind-mapping tools like are becoming popular as they assist us in organising information in ways that are more consistent with how the brain actually works. Research says that mind-mapping tools like improve learning, increase creativity, and maximises performance.


WHAT IS IT? is a Web-based platform that can be used as a brainstorming tool, a graphic organiser, or a simple mind-mapping canvas. It allows you to represent related ideas graphically and to show how each idea is connected to another. With the aid of bubbles, boxes, lines, and colours, allows users to create mind maps of any concept or idea and present it in a format that is easy to understand and easy to remember.




The tool can be found at and requires only about two minutes for registration and set up.

You can register by completing the short form of about three questions, or you can sign up via your Google or Facebook account. Packages range from free to US$6 per month, and students and teachers benefit from a 50 per cent discounted rate. Groups and corporate users can access other specially discounted rates as well as more advanced features. requires no software downloads and is accessible across all computer operating systems and all devices including mobiles. For added engagement and interactivity, allows you to add images and videos to any mind map created on its platform.




Once you have created your account, you are able to begin your mind-mapping activities. The tool is easy to use as there are many on-screen prompts that guide you in your 'mapping'. There is also an adequate number of video tutorials that outline how the site can be utilised.

Because the platform can be accessed on any device connected to the Internet, can be used whenever and wherever there is need to brainstorm or map out ideas and concepts.

Mind maps created on the site can be shared with others for viewing or editing, or they can be downloaded as images to be embedded in other media such as blogs, websites, documents, and charts.


WHY SHOULD YOU USE IT? is a great tool for visual learners. It helps students to associate important concepts and ideas with an appropriate image. This helps students to retain and recall information while keeping engagement high. Because mind maps are said to mirror brain activity, research shows that tools like foster creativity and innovation among learners.

The ability to connect ideas graphically assists learners with making links between new and prior knowledge, thereby increasing the possibility of creating even newer and novel concepts. The collaborative features found in the tool foster group work, collegiality, and shared understanding. is an ideal tool for introducing lessons and classroom activities as students can be asked to use the tool to brainstorm ideas for further development. It is an excellent tool to use if you want your students to engage in the writing process.

The tool can be used to summarise main points and ideas, and it can be used to condense and organise large bodies of content around a single topic or theme. Classroom teachers who use this tool also use it to create notes and handouts as well as flow charts and presentations. The tool is also being used to differentiate learning in inclusive classrooms as it facilitates multiple ways of presentation, expression, and engagement.





Classification: Visual thinking tool


Classroom Application:

Content sharing

Graphic organiser

Collaborative tool

Lesson introduction and summary

Cost: Free - US$6/month