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Techno-Tools for the classroom: KA Lite — the offline learning resource

Published:Sunday | July 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Gen Clacken


There is range of learning resources available via the Internet, and a leading resource is the Khan Academy, a non-profit educational Organisation created in 2006 by educator Salman Khan.

Khan Academy hosts one of the largest collection of instructional videos and related activities for the classroom. The platform is accessed by approximately 40 million students and 20 million teachers every month. In 2012, the Academy launched KA Lite an offline version of Khan Academy.


KA Lite is a software that allows users to download videos and other content related resources from Khan Academy for offline viewing and use. It can be installed on a personal computer (or other capable device) and be made available for private use.

The software can also be installed on a local computer or server and then be configured in a way that allows others to have access to the Khan Academy resources, once their device is connected to that local computer or server. This means that the entire Khan Academy collection is now accessible without continuous Internet access.


While it may require limited technical support, accessing KA Lite is fairly simple. The software must first be downloaded from the Internet by navigating to and by clicking on the download button. Detailed instructions relating to installation across operating systems are provided for individuals to follow and a comprehensive user guide can be found at Accessing KA Lite is free.


KA Lite provides access to approximately 70,000 video lessons. These lessons along with accompanying exercises range from a wide selection of subject areas (including Math, Science and Language Arts) and from the kindergarten to college grade levels of difficulty. The lessons and exercises can be used as part of actual lesson delivery or they can be assigned as out of class activities in a flipped classroom construct. Exercises provide instant feedback and step-by-step solution prompts that assist students with understanding concepts they find difficult. Through a points system, teachers can track student progress and customise learning experiences to meet students' individual needs.

KA Lite can also be used by individual students without teacher intervention and is very popular among college students. The software can also be incorporated in home schooling curricular and provide great promise for those seeking to develop adaptive learning programmes.


The KA Lite Team is on a mission to bring the "power of online learning to the offline world", and this is exactly what they have been able to accomplish in their few years of existence. A record 140 countries currently use KA Lite, and research indicates that the resources available through the software are being used to boost student performance in oven the remotest of villages. The use of the software has been associated with improved levels of learning and retention, it has been used to facilitate reinforcement activities and it provides teachers with opportunities to customise learning for individual students. Best of all, these benefits can be accessed offline.


Tool: KA Lite

Classification: Content Sharing Software


Classroom Application:

Engagement/Introductory Activity

Evaluation/Culminating Activity

Content Sharing tool

Reinforcement tool

Cost: Free

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