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Published:Friday | August 11, 2017 | 12:52 PM
Justin Gatlin bows at the feet of Uain Bolt after the men's 100m final at the IAAF World Championship yesterday.

Bolt to Di Wurl

Twas Augus 3 in di year 2017 to bi exact

Wen Bolt enter 'im final race pon London track

All eyes wuz on di big man Bolt

fi si how 'im wouda bow out

Kiss mi neck back

A wah jus gwaan pon di track

Meck mi wipe di matta out mi eye

Bounty Killa wud a sey mi caant believe mi eyes

Gatlin finally get a gold

Coleman run second and Bolt run third

Bolt guh to Gatlin fi congratulate

An Gatlin bow dung to Bolt di great

Gatlin win di race fi true

Meck wi give 'im 'is due

Wholeheapa wi a wonda how dis 'two-time drug cheat'

Pull off dis great feat

Even doe a Gatlin win

Mi start fi put on a broad grin

Cause wen mi si who di camera dem a featcha

Di big man Bolt di Puma Ambassada

Mi feel proud suh till mi glad bag buss

Wen everybody inna di stadium a salute Bolt as if a 'im cum fuss

Bolt hats off to yuh mi genna

Yuh a Jamaica Ambassada

Lawd Sebastian Coe seh 'im nuh eulogistic

Guess 'im tink Gatlin win wuz not nostalgic

Shakespeare seh all di wurl is a stage an all di man dem an woman dem merely playaz

Mi know beyond a shadow of a doubt dat yuh have been a great playa

Yuh gi it yuh best

Suh now yuh deh pon a different quest

An so fi now jus teck a bow

Mi goin miss yuh whole heap but mi naw guh cry

Adios amigos, adieu, farewell, auvoir goodbye!

Docta Di Hon. Usain St Leo Bolt

Yuh wi foreva bi di G.O.A.T

Sharon Wright


Cassandra, she wet up arself!

Cedrick bawl eye waata!

Youlanda faint weh braps pan spot

Mi noh know wah go dung awfta

Is hospital mi fine miself

Even now mi still in shak

Fi si seh Gatlin edge out Usain

Pon dat London Stadium trak!

Mi understand is game yu nuh

An smaddy have to win

But why in Jesus precious name

It tun out to be Gatlin?

One patient call im 'Dopey'

Mi look pon har

Mi eye get wide

Mi stawt wanda if dem give im sinting

Dat genetically modified!

Mi tink mi verbalise di tawt

Cause di nurse try hide a grin

Mi seh "Congrats to di man up front

Doah fi me, is di third man win!"

Hear di nurse "So is who come second?"

Hear one patient "Cho! Noh Boo!"

Di second place sprinter was a duppy!"

Di nurse gi out "Is true!"

Professional ethics pap down!

All doctor lawf so till him blue

Fi mi winner bolt, fi third place

While di man up front get


Mi doan want to be disparaging

Mi spirit tek Gatlin

Im cause mi fi reach hospital, yes

But im get a firs' class booing!

Erica Brown Marriott