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Awaken the giant within

Published:Friday | September 22, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Book cover of The world awaits your greatness
Glenville Ashby

Book: The World Awaits Your Greatness: A Guide To Inspired Living

Author: Melissa Salmon


The World Awaits your Greatness: A Guide to Inspired Living is compellingly instructive. Its driving narrative summons the best in humanity. We are sparks of divinity, destined for wondrous accomplishments, if only we knew. Melissa Salmon fuses positive thinking and New Age philosophy, creating a distinct genre of consciousness studies. In the vein of Jane Roberts, who channelled a spiritual entity named Seth, Salmon warns us that we, through the decisions we make, create our reality. Moreover, knowledge of life's cyclical patterns is essential, she contends. No doubt, Providence can be cold and unkind, but we are told to remain steadfast, unwavering in resilience. Down we can be, but never out.

Salmon adopts an anthemic approach in her delivery. Her counsel is proverbial and repetitive, almost mantra-like. Steeped in mystic sciences, she well understands the power of affirmations.

The mind will bend, defer to our command. Within us is a divine spark, a vestige of God that ignites greatness, she argues. A spirit of optimism bleeds through every line, and we faithfully embrace her energy.




Salmon's work is ontological in depth and scope. A famous philosopher once remarked: Man, know thyself. Salmon goes a step further, offering a compass, a road map to realising our fullest potential.

She writes: "One must first comprehensively understand themselves, completely; how you function, your likes, dislikes, your character, culture and your fundamental beliefs so that you will be able to identify when something is adverse to you as a whole ... as human beings we are constantly evolving, thus learning new things about ourselves on a daily basis ..."

Her admonitions are incisive and markedly indelible. "After all, when we take our last breath we should be able to say that we lived on our terms, the way we intended it."

She seals her argument with the provocative enquiry, "What will your legacy be?"

And she culls from the best of Taoism, introducing the concept of Yin and Yang. Yes, there is duality in all things. Nature regenerates itself after the most egregious of disasters. Homeostasis emerges from periods of imbalance and uncertainty. It's the law.

Indeed, there is that bright light, always, at the end of the tunnel.

Ultimately, life is precious. "I urge you to view life as a positive gift, for the universe rewards the gracious," Salmon teaches.

"In trying to decipher the labyrinth of the World, remember that there is balance that exists in our Universe; so that where there is good there is evil, there are highs where there are lows and where there is failure there too is success ... ."




And very much in the vein of Confucian thought, Salmon promotes social ethics and responsibility to self and society. "Work in an upstanding way, in a way that your work ethic has a voice for itself. I urge you to labour within the guidelines of the law; do not get entangled in practises of dishonesty."

Salmon inveighs against entitlements and undue expectations, cautioning that "we have to put in the hard work to achieve our desired goals". She touts patience as a quintessential attribute to success.

The subconscious, if not plagued by mental illness, the promptings of the subconscious, our inner voice or intuition assumes the role of supreme teacher and guide.

"With that energy [that] God wants the best for you." She counsels further, "Always follow that inner voice, the Voice which gives reason even when it is difficult for you to see. You can never go wrong when you listen to your intuition, the guiding of the Almighty one."

The power of the number three is embedded in every mystical teaching.

Herself a mystic, Salmon summons the far-reaching strength of the mind, body, and spirit to create life, health, and happiness.

Three is symbolic of wisdom and metaphysical perfection and completion.

Salmon's assuredness and discernment belie her youth. But we need not be surprised. Is it not dictated that out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou has ordained strength; and that a little child shall lead them?

In these doleful times, there is always that voice that beckons us to be still and listen; to live and realise our fullest potential; a voice that spurs us to fulfil the plan of the Great Designer. Surely, Salmon is that voice.

The World Awaits Your Greatness: A Guide To Inspired Living by Melissa Salmon

ISBN: 978-976-95806-8-8

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