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Celebrating Jamaica

Published:Sunday | September 24, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Rio Cobre, Bog Walk, Duperly & Sons.
Leaving for Market, Gardner
Orange Rinders, Elliott

As we continue to highlight Jamaica's journey from Independence to the 21st century, today, we showcase the island's rich tourism history.




Jamaica became a prestigious tourist destination after the Great Exhibition of 1891 in Kingston. Several glamorous hotels had been developed for the event and tourism has flourished ever since.

Throughout the 20th century, postcards were used by tourists to record their travel. These postcards were also used as a way to promote Jamaica as an island paradise, giving potential visitors a tantalising but often stereotypical view of Jamaica.




The Jamaica Postal Service was started in Jamaica on October 31, 1671, making the island the first British colony to have an established post office. The first post office was built in the then capital, St Jago De La Vega, now known as Spanish Town, and operated as a sub-branch of the British Post Office.

Information compiled by Sharifa Balfour, assistant curator, National Museum Jamaica.