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Published:Sunday | October 1, 2017 | 12:10 AM


Thoughts on my Wedding Day


My special day is here at last!

Today I will be wed.

Heart's a flutter; knees so weak,

Excitement fills my head.

She mops my face and fluffs my dress

She guides me to my quest.

She compliments and reassures

My Chief is just the best

I stand awhile and take it in.

Oh, come on nerves, not now.

Deep breath, exhale, again, now smile.

I'm off to take my vow.

My heart is warmed by smiles and nods

Of family and friends.

On Dad's arm I feel so secure

As strong support he lends

I hear a sniff; has to be Mom,

Wiping her happy tears.

She smiles with kind approval

While holding back her fears

The halfway mark, I see him now,

As handsome as can be.

My love, my friend, my confidant;

I'm thrilled that he chose me.

The nuptials o'er; the photographs,

The vows, the ring, the kiss.

From this day forth we shall enjoy

Our Matrimonial bliss

Marie McPherson


To My Baby Girl on Her Wedding Day



It seems like yesterday, you came into this world

At the sound of your first cry my heart melted

My eyes filled with love and tears as I took you into my arms, my perfect baby girl.

It was in that moment when your perfect brown eyes looked into mine

That I will protect you from all the monsters in this world

I will catch you when you fall and I will help you navigate the mysteries of this world

It was in that perfect moment, I vowed to be the best Daddy, that I can be.

As I watch you grew into the independent, self reliant teenager

My heart swelled with pride and praise filled my mouth

As I remembered when you took your first ride on your bike without your training wheels

Joy took root as well as I celebrated each victory with you

I look at you my daughter, as the change that I dreamed of

As you took each challenge life threw at you

And you made each of them your stepping stone

You proved to the world that you were a force to be reckoned with

That you will stand up to do what is right

That you will make your mark on this world

As you believe you can be the difference in one person's life.

As I stand in the middle of the room

Watching you put the final touches of your make-up on

As your mom fluff your veil

My eyes are misty with fond memories, as I slid through the photo album of our lives together

As you took your first walk, teetering and tottering towards me

As I walked with you to school on your first day

As you won your first ribbon at the Science Fair

Today I will give you away to the man who holds your heart in his hands

As you pledge your life to him, becoming his wife.

I am both proud and sad at the same time.

But one thing I know for sure

You will always and forever be, my baby girl.

Peta-Gaye Campbell


No Triviality


Hey, mek mi tell unnu something

Poetry classic another level it a swing

Money, free some a mankind ago lose them soul over trivialities

Why? Because dem use psychology

To push them negative energy

Dem too egotistical and all them cause a persecution

If you nuh too careful, yuh nuh live fi see or do good

Them energy surround us, but in God I put my trust

Music is a tool and dub poetry is introducing a new star

So look out because the best is coming

Big and strong, and created to win

Lessoning in the music, feel the wind

If you know what I know keep listening

Energy blowing negative and positive

Depending on your choice determine the direction you are going

Listen keenly, 'cause God is listening too

Now is not the time to think solo

Free your hearts, minds and unite

Because soon we will have to stand up and fight



Jamaica Is Land Of Paradise


Rich, beautiful, international love and recognise

I know you all; it's time to know me

Come live unite love and be free

Jamaica, I have been scared before

Now I am scared no more

We were all born rich, but them system make us poor

Hey, I have got the scars to show you that I know what I know

The system will fail you it has robbed and scared me too

But my feet was designed to lead the multitudes

Jamaica they have robbed us before, now they're doing it again

Come wise up Jamaicans, unite and create their end

Hey, think about the future, freedom happiness

This time for the children we'll have to do our best

Now my people don't let them limit your potential

You'll have to stand strong and show your credential

My words must be if the uprightness of my heart

So my Lord, please let me not fall apart

My lips will utter knowledge clearly

So that my people and I will shine brightly

-Dwight R. Poole



I Drift into Slumber


I drift into slumber with her in my thoughts

My dreams from her very essence derived

Captivating garb silkened into porcelain skin

Reminiscent upon the curves depicted by anatomy refined

Luxuriance emitted from her coiffure

With a flare in her eyes which by spasms dim

Tantric chants are uttered from emollient lips

A smile so pure slashing all figments of grim

With the patterns in my palms embracing her in entirety

Anticipated is the evocation of bliss

Appeal adorned by omnipotence divine

As upon the clouds our spirits shall climb


Brandon Lee