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Published:Sunday | October 29, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Ease the Stress

Ease the stress,

Worry less,

Do your best,

Take a rest

Keep stress at bay,

Make time to pray,

Don't delay,

Exercise today

Laugh out loud,

Don't lose hope,

Trust the Lord,

You can cope

Be grateful,

Not hateful,

Just be free,

Forgiveness equals liberty.

Maintain balance,

Don't you trip,

Foster friends,

And fellowship.

Sharon Earle-Edwards

Tribute to my friend

I don't know where to begin or how to react

To the news of you being gone, absent from my life

I never got the chance to say goodbye,

Or even to hear your voice one more time.

I never got the chance again to tell you that

I love you and I appreciate you.

I heard of your passing, only by chance

Cuz if I heard it immediately I know that

I would want to scream and cry

And say it isn't so.

I would want to find a way to reach you

But I would be helpless as I am so far away

Now my tears find solace on the

Pillows on which I rest my head

The memory of you just fills my heart

I remember your voice, of the times we talk

I remember your wisdom that you share

When I needed an ear you were there

When I needed a laugh to make my day better

You were always there for me making me laugh nonstop

When I needed a cheerleader to shout from the rooftops

You were there screaming your lungs out

So many things that I wanna say to you,

So many things I wanna show you

Of the person I will become, of who I am now

But I know you are looking down on me,

Quietly urging me to go on, sharing your wisdom

I miss you my friend, and I love you always

Thanks for being there when I needed you

I don't know how you did it, but you did

So as I close this tribute to you

I remember the little things you would say

I remember your lil drawl when you speak

I remember you

So sleep well my darling be at peace now

I love you always, and you will always be my Best Friend

Rest in Peace Donnette "Donnie" Palmer

Peta-Gaye Campbell