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Published:Sunday | November 12, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Don't Listen


I used to believe what others say

That I should stay in my lane

Don't venture too far and stray

For the edge is where I might

lose myself

Never able to turn back again

Living simple and working 9-5

Getting petty cash in order to survive

Some things weren't meant for you

Please don't try

For in fear of starting a new drive

Not knowing what might happen

If you're gonna wake up or die

Go ahead is what my mind is saying

Nobody knew where they were heading

When they went ahead and

did as they pleased

Despite hearing the constant noises

Shouts of disbelief

Yet look at them now

Fetty Wap, Luis Suarez and Usain Bolt

Doing what they love

Without fear or care

To belong

In a society

Where you can't

do any wrong

Trust me, being happy is the best

Go ahead and test yourself

Doing what will make your heart feel at rest

Your heart is your drive

Your love is priceless

So go after what will forever

Make you happy and contested

Shadae Brown


Di Peacefulest


Yes Mattie gal

Come hear di score

Mi tun Entrepreneur

Mi leading all di tourist dem

To Spanish Townian Shore

Mi meet dem all pon Facebook

And we so enjoy di labrish

Dat mi invite dem all

Fi a likkle fee

Fi explore mi peaceful parish

A laugh yu a laugh deh Mattie

Mi gi yu any joke?

Bout mi fit fi join di rest a criminal

Whe come from Spanish Town

Yu shudda hear mi sales pitch

When mi meet dem last Tuesday

You da tink mi a any brain box

Whe come from outta U. W. I

Mi tell dem

"I've lived in St Andrew for two years

St Catherine for all the rest

And out of all the 14 parishes

St. Catherine is di peacefulest"

One St Mary ooman pass

And she gi mi one bad yeye

Like she waan fi tell di tourist

Everyting him sey is lie

Mi show dem di oldest bridge

In dis part a di hemisphere

Show dem St Jago Cathedral

An' Parish Council in di Square

Mi all show dem di museum

Rodney Memorial an di rest

But mi stay whe from di prison

Whe dem have mi down as

'Special Interest'

Mi all show dem di Park

Whe racket an' extortion run

An' jus as dem pay mi dun

Mi hear "da man deh have a gun!"

Mi look pon di tourist dem

An' sey "Glad unu have unu

Day of fun

Now put yu foot

Inna yu han'

Klansman, One Order, Run!!"

Lisa Gaye Taylor


A Gentle Soul


An individual so charming

A smile so bright

Your presence so warming

Always saying hi

Never once saw you scowling

Your demeanour so adoring

Recently we learnt of your battles

You fought them without being rattled

Never knew you were this strong

Fighting this monster all along

Even though you're no longer

by our side

In our hearts you'll always reside

Finally now my friend

We both know this isn't the end

Your earthly journey has passed

You did so with great honour and class

It's only goodbye for now,

then, until we meet again.

-Audley Johnson

Dedicated to Keisha Facey, R. I. P.


When You Lose a Loved One


The sadness, shock and sleeplessness

Are almost too much to bear

But these are early guests

When you lose a loved one dear

Days go by in a blur

Friends call and visit from far and near

Offering help and comfort

When you lose a loved one dear

The loneliness, grief and sorrow

Heartache and many a tear

Soften and strengthen the soul

After you lose a loved one dear

Too soon the send-off passes

Just like your loved one did

That's when the silence unearths

The deep feelings you have hid

You wonder if you're seeing things

Or if sounds you do hear

Like the friendly face or vibrant voice

Of that one near and dear

How can some go back to normal

As if your pain they do not share

Leaving you with the gaping void

Of that loss so near and dear?

Yet arise and rebuild you must

They'd have it no other way

Than to know you continue

To fulfil God's purpose every day

Life well-lived, photos and example

Ways they in your being did share

Are grafted in your heart

After you lose a loved one dear

Little by little, day by day

The memory, dream and prayer

Are the legacy, hope and comfort

When you lose a loved one dear

But the greatest of all reasons

To not drown in despair

Is when you know you're Heaven-bound

And will meet your loved one there

Sharon Earle-Edwards