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Celebration of Jamaica's heritage

Published:Sunday | November 26, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Home Sweet Home Lamp

We continue our journey to highlight Jamaica's history through trivia and artefacts. Today we highlight the Home Sweet Home Lamp.

This oil lamp is fondly called the Home Sweet Home lamp because of the words that delicately decorate its glass shade.

Kerosene oil was poured into the glass base and covered with a gold-coloured cap, which held the cotton wick. The cap also had a small winder to adjust the height of the wick and claws to hold the shade in place over the flame.

The Home Sweet Home lamp was a staple in every Jamaican household before the advent of electric lights and was used in both livingrooms and bedrooms across the island. The lamp is still used in many Jamaican homes in case of emergencies such as power outages and in the hurricane season.

- Information complied by Sharifa Balfour, assistant curator, National Museum Jamaica.