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Journey into Jamaica's heritage

Published:Sunday | December 17, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Wooden Toy Truck

Last week, we featured a contemporary home-made box truck made from recycled juice boxes, straws and string. This week we are showcasing an old wooden toy truck. Research has shown that wooden toys have been around since the Stone Age. The earliest examples of wooden toys have been found in Africa, and were simple models of useful implements such as clubs, axes and bows, as well as dolls, intended to teach children critical survival and family skills.


Less practical approach


However, as time progressed, wooden toys took on a less practical approach and developed into objects of entertainment. In Jamaica, wooden toys were modelled after the vehicles of the day. These home-made versions were made in place of more expensive imported wooden, and later plastic, toys.

This toy truck is fashioned after an old haulage truck. It is built from scraps of lumber, discarded rubber, nails, and beer bottle covers. These kinds of home-made trucks would have predated the creation of the box trucks.

Information compiled by Sharifa Balfour, assistant curator, National Museum Jamaica.