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Jude Issa impresses in his first exhibition

Published:Friday | December 22, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Jude poses in front of his ‘police and ganja plant’ painting at Jude Rude exhibition on December 14 at Spanish Court Hotel.
Lee Issa at Jude Rude, an exhibition of Jude Issa’s paintings, on December 14 at Spanish Court Hotel.

It was an evening of celebration of the works of Jude Issa on December 14 at Spanish Court Hotel.

'Jude Rude' drew accolades from the guests, who showed appreciation of the works by this young Jamaican artist.

Issa grew up in a household with a tradition of artists on both sides of his family, where he and his four siblings were exposed to the arts at a very early age.

"Jude Issa is very fortunate to have the full support of his family," said Veerle Poupeye, executive director, National Gallery of Jamaica. "Some will say that this comes with his socio-economic status, but I can assure you that the prejudices against art as a legitimate professional choice cut across socio-economic class."

Issa started painting full-time about three years ago. In his works, he has highlighted witty and humorous reflection on dancehall culture and consumerism and what it means to be a Jamaican in this era.

His style is bold and colourful and often reminiscent of graffiti and pop art.

"I am fascinated by Jude Issa's engagement with the 'brand' culture, as it functions in Jamaican society, and in the 'alter ego' stage personas of local dancehall artistes, which is part of contemporary celebrity culture and arguably another form of brand marketing," Poupeye said.

Jude Rude exhibition concluded on December 16.