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Published:Sunday | December 24, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Ian Boyne was a voracious reader with more than 2,000 books in his collection. He devoted most of his Sundays into early Monday mornings and Tuesday nights to his passion.


When Giants Die

(For Ian Boyne, Lester Spaulding, Dr. Claude Packer, and more)

When giants die

The wind folds its winnowing fan

and feeds on silence.

Birds in mid-song stutter-

And their notes fall to pieces like ashes

on the grey back of a grief-stricken morning.

The sun covers its face with sheets

of dark clouds, and the rain begins

long conversations

We stroll around listless.

Like zombies

unable to answer mind-numbing questions.

And a strange chasm divides peace from rest

in our hearts, and nights are merciless tunnels.

When giants die

A chapter of heaven is snatched from earth,

like prized love.

The world takes on a solemn shade of grey

and languishes for acts of goodwill, beauty

and selflessness.

When giants die,

The mirror of life mirrors mortal frailty

so it can search its soul for ills and do penance.

When giants die,

Angels fold their wings,

place aside their harps, sit still on

Heaven's balcony with bowed heads

in a poignant tribute to greatness.

Rohan Facey


The clock alarms Sunday afternoon

From my nap I'm wide-awake

Another episode of Profile

To appreciate and partake

For almost thirty years

I've received great inspiration

From this my favourite show

On national television

My mother and I shared

This wonderful affinity

For this regular dose

Of Jamaican positivity

The guests are different

In gender, age, passions and ability

Sharing struggles and successes

Victory and vulnerability

Ian Boyne, the host

Articulate journalist, avid reader

A well-researched, gracious

Yet inquisitive information weeder

Profile provides real-life education

-.A mini arts and science degree

Religion, sports, and motivation

Add to its depth and variety

International guests, investors and innovators

Athletes, actors and authors

Some controversial, some famous

Many focused determined overcomes

Spirituality and family values

Respect, reading and resilience

Are reinforced along with those of

Industry, integrity, and interdependence.

I've had the pleasure of watching

Many a relative and friend

And anticipate sharing with others

About the book I have penned


I was watching Profile two Sundays ago

When I heard he wasn't well

We joined with many for him in prayer

Rejoiced when we heard that he was on the repair.

On Monday last,

While watching a Profile rebroadcast,

My husband the sad news me did tell.

"Fake news" I said, "let's get the facts".

"It wasn't announced on TV".

One click on Twitter told me all

As I noted the number one trend

Jamaica has lost a gentle giant

Who feels like everyone's friend.

Ian's gifts took kings to him

And him to King's House

"Photo op" with Prime Ministers five

What a loss! What shock!

Can't believe he's no longer alive!

Farewell to you Mega-journalist.

It's a gross understatement to say you'll be missed.

Sharon Earle-Edwards


God is gracious

Mi Monday spoil!

Mi profile dim

Mi neva bawl so from mi bawn!

All now mi kyaa believe it

Di fack dat Ian gawn!

Is Sunday night mi look pon im ina picture fawm

Den, Monday mawning, mi sit down

An hear seh Ian gawn!

Mi know im neva come fi live forever

An mi kyaa seh "Gone too soon"

All mi know is dat di sunshine suddenly lef di room!

Some seh dem gwine miss im special laugh

An im fantastic knowledge pool

Im deportment, depth, an candidness

An how im always cool.


Ian neva fraid fi stan up fi wat im did believe

Im did know jus wah fi seh

Fi motivate an lead.

Who going to tackle former tief pon

'Religious Hardtalk'?

Who going to 'Profile' scholars who crawl from mud

Fi turn stalwarts?

Mi kyaa even tink bout Christmas

To how mi feel space-out.

Mi fren dat Ian interview

Tan up, open mout!

Wi all have "Issues" but no "Answers".

We deh ya now

Nex day wi gone

Das why wi fi live to uplift

Instead of doing harm.

Well, according to H. Wadsworth Longfellow

In his A Psalm of Life:

"Lives of great men all remind us

We can make our lives sublime

And, departing, leave behind us

Footprints on the sands of time."

So long Ian!

Erica Brown Marriott