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Choosing the right career path

Published:Sunday | January 7, 2018 | 12:00 AMLaura Butler

We all have innate, God-given talents and skills. what's important is to discover those skills and strengthen them.

For this, there are several questions one must answer: What do you find interesting? What do you naturally gravitate towards? What are your skills? What are you good at? What excites you? What is your passion? What would you like to achieve in life? What are your goals? What do you value most?

Picture your future. what would you like that to look like? These are important questions to ask yourself as the answers will help to chart your course in education, business, and life.

Once you have your answers, then write them down. create a vision board.

It is always advisable to discuss your ideas and thought processes with someone - they could be your teachers, guidance counsellor, your pastor, a business leader, family member, and importantly, your parents.

It could also be someone you admire. you may want to reach out to that person to see they can be your mentors.

But not everyone who is successful may be a suitable mentor do your research first. Influential, successful people may not have the time to give the full support needed, but they will invest the time to help if they believe you are serious and genuinely interested in learning and improving your future.

Whoever you choose to be mentors, the person must be carefully selected. You can look at some of the guidelines below:

- Is qualified and experienced

- Has a proven track record;

- Has strong values and principles and integrity;

- Is driven and accomplished

- Has demonstrated a genuine interest in you

- Open-minded, creative and innovative;

- Can help you to grow;

- Positive characteristics

- Is giving back to the community;

- Is a person of faith.

Sometimes we take our parents, caregivers, siblings, and family members for granted, but just remember that they are the ones that love you no matter what - faults and all - and want you to succeed.

Experience does not come overnight, and there is something to learn from everyone you meet. Appreciate people and what they bring to the table, and utilise the resources given to you. You accomplish great things from humble and challenging beginnings.

Life can present different paths and options. don't be afraid to explore a new area of study, a new field/profession, a new company or country.

Do not make fear cripple your progress. The fact of life is that you need to shoot for the stars, and even if you don't reach there, you will land on the clouds and you will still be higher than the trees.

Never allow anyone to tell you that you can't accomplish great things. never give them the power to steal your dreams.

- Laura Butler is a business and career development consultant with Fusion Consulting Jamaica. She can be contacted at or 469-427-2007