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Published:Sunday | January 21, 2018 | 12:00 AM

When you're in love


When you're in love

it's your blessing or your doom,

you try so hard to avoid it,

but your soul's repeating it,

you've lost your spirit's wings

but your heart rises up on nothing

you say she's not the one you'd take

but then you phone rings

you say she'll never be your wife

but the screen beams up a new light

When you're in love it's a messy fate,

a tug-of-war in motion

each time your heart betrays your action.

You try so hard to avoid his presence

but crave it deeply in his absence,

you tell yourself you'll never want him

but truth keeps breaking all your bars in

you try uprooting what you feel

but heart keeps blooming newer leaves,

you try to desert but holding the hurt,

like a shadow standing in your way,

are you, when love is true.

Like rising to fly away

yet falling by your own gravity

the abyss below, and no way out,

too heavy to go,

when you're in love

Homer Sylvester



Thank You


Thank you for your grace

And for hearing us when we praise

Thank you for your love

And for coming down on earth like a dove

Thank you for giving us salvation

And for creating this beautiful nation

Thank you for your blessings

And for giving us life's lessons

Thank you for giving us food

And for feeding the multitude

Thank you for life

And for keeping us free from strife

Thank you for hearing us when we pray

And for keeping our enemies at bay

Thank you for your protection

And for giving us a heavenly connection

Hortense Francis




Battered an bruised

Broken and shattered

The pieces of my life

I can't seem to regather

Yesterday is gone

Tomorrow has not yet come

But how can one move on

When it feels all is already done

Moving forward is like remaining stagnant.

A million steps taken

Yet all remains unshaken

Is it futile to try again?

Hopelessly wanting more

Not knowing what the future has in stor

Knockout round

The bells are ringing

On the tenth count thinking

I must give in

Instead, I stand my ground

For this is only just the beginning.

Theresa Peters