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Published:Sunday | February 4, 2018 | 12:00 AM



We need love to set us free said one brother

It's not an easy road said another

But good morals, integrity and character

Then I and my people will never falter

Higher level in which my people should reach

I'm competent and equip so I'm compel to teach

Listen my people and you will learn

My sweat of your head you should earn.

I'll speak in parables because I have to be discrete

I am trying to make you nice I am trying to make you neat

There is power in my sound, feel the heat

There's no god fools say in their hearts

And some believe that and will never depart

You see dem abominable iniquity

Dem systems corrupt much homes, towns and cities

Dem police wicked shameless, oh what a pity

My people rise above dem triviality

How long will you all love simplicity

Deliver me from the enemy, Jah Jah

Save me cause dem deadly

Guide I as I continue on this journey

Jamaica is precious, a jewel in the Caribbean Sea

So wake up my people, don't let down, my country

If you listen and understand I'll unlock your potential

And little ones go to school, first learn the golden rule

Become competent, so as to earn sufficient

Blind caah lead the blind, so open your eyes and see

Be wise ambitious and contribute, this is the only way you will be free

Order to sustain yourself, learn, live, give Jah thanks, then educate yourself

Give and you shall receive, that's how the circle goes

So give and you will know when you received it will show

My strength come from God, from him cometh my salvation

In life I have great expectation

So I have no time for the competition

The competition weak, so feeble are they

And my enemies, with the devil they will have to play

The devil he's got plans for them

When he gives and they receive it's to create their end

It's like the politician dem

The poor give and give dem but they still come back again

So mi say run dem no opportunist them.

Dwight R. Poole

Ancient Story

Beware Jamaicans

Draw near, cock your ears

Bap your eyes, our ancestors were wise

They came from far

United in war

Fighting for our freedom

No more sun grazed cane field

No more patched stones to graze our heels

The torture is over

Brother Kofi cried

Freedom has healed the blister

We have risen, we have conquer

No more skin clenched dark eyes

Staring through the dark

As we yearn for the dawn

I can hear mama cry

Tears of joy come streaming from her face

We have risen, grown in grace

Our glad bags burst.

Winsome McKay


Thank You

Thank you for your grace

And for hearing us when we praise

Thank you for your love

And for coming down on earth like a dove

Thank you for giving us salvation

And for creating this beautiful nation

Thank you for your blessings

And for giving us life's lessons

Thank you for giving us food

And for feeding the multitude

Thank you for life

And for keeping us free from strife.

Thank you for hearing us when we pray

And for keeping our enemies at bay

Thank you for your protection

And for giving us a heavenly connection

Hortense Francis