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Published:Sunday | May 13, 2018 | 12:00 AM


For My Mother, Jasmine


You carried me for nine months and still counting

You played the role of Mom and Dad and still going

Mother, you are always there when I'm in need

You are more than a mother, you are a friend indeed

Thank you mother for waiting with me for nine months and zero days

You mother surely deserve all my praise

Thank you mother for being there to see my first grin

Thank you mother for being there through thick and thin

Thank you mother for showing the real strength of a woman

In growing up a son to be an exceptional gentleman

Thank you mother for playing the roles

You encouraged and believed in me to achieve all my goals

For my mother, I sure do love you ...

- Roshain Greensword


Mother's Memory

The memory of my mother

deserves a medal of gold

and very precious stone

for all the years she stood and

fought her body shaking

and rocking, ushering in children

grandchildren ... lost great grand ...

My mother deserves the highest honour

that only heaven could give ...

There is no other presence dead or alive that even competes

with her memory ...

she has through that transition become more personal, my own personal

mother like when I was alone

me one in her womb even if there

were other visitors or dwellers

before alien others knocking on the door and

peeking through windows

I believe I heard their

stories all the inhabitants of

that soft place

that uterus

..."youth are us".....

My Mother

... in her womb

I saw their footprints

their faces

their secret hide and seek places

their prayers

their crayon lines

their swings

sandboxes of miscarriages

sister lost to be recovered, discovered ...

that I would make it out alive

that I would go to fight

the good life

yes, we are fearfully and ...

wonderfully made my mother

my mother, she is all mine

all memory beside

inside me


Helen-Ann Elizabeth Wilkinson