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Published:Sunday | May 27, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Mother, you inspire me


When I think of you,

My whole world smiles;

Whatever was dull and dismal,

Becomes interesting and uplifting,

Because you inspire me!

When I think of you,

Nightmares fade into oblivion;

And in their place,

Sweet, unforgettable dreams bring purpose and direction;

For you inspire me!

When I think of you,

Daylight dawns unfogged;

And whether rain, sleet, or snow,

Glorious light breaks through the halo;

For you inspire me!

When I think of you,

The sun seems to stand still;

While cool winds waft and wane

Upon a fertile hill.

Oh, how you inspire me!

When I think of you,

Each breath I breathe

Is perfumed with gratitude and goodwill;

Because of the principles you instil,

Yes, you inspire me!

When I think of you,

Unpleasant memories fade;

And from the deep recesses of my heart,

Wellsprings of joy exude anthems of praise;

Because you inspire me!

- Hyacinth Burgess-Gregory

In honour of my mother, Mavis Almira Panton Burgess


Affirm me



It is quite obvious who I am

Do I need to define myself to you?

No! I don't think so

I am never good enough to you anyway

I can never earn your respect

Neither get your compliments

I wake up each day with you on my mind

The way I love you

And wish to me you would be kind

Who is blind?

Is it you or I?

Children are an heritage of the Lord

With him I feel proud

But with you, I feel lost in the crowd

I promise myself

I will not compete

In order to feel complete

I came out of you

Do you remember?

Do what you can

In whatever way you can

But in the best way can

Because that's God's plan

Laugh at my jokes

Make me feel good

Make an effort to see into ME

Watch me, observe me, play with me

Say, "good job! great! well done!"

Give me a high five or even a thumbs up

The way I really need to be affirmed

Even if you don't mean it

I won't know you are faking it

Affirm me

Mommy! Daddy!

You both made me

So please, affirm me!

Alicea Samaru-Brown



Woman of God, adorned with grace,

You protect your seed in your loving embrace,

Selfish acts, your heart denies,

With love you chasten, even with your eyes.

Fearless fem, clothed in strength and dignity,

When I see you,

I see the person I yearn to be.

Woman of God,

Your seed will arise and call you blessed!

Gina Singh