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Thought-provoking insight into spirituality

Published:Sunday | May 27, 2018 | 12:00 AM
The book cover of In Search of Truth

In Search of Truth: A Course in Spiritual Psychology

Author: Glenville Ashby, PhD

Reviewer: Literary Titan Book Reviewers

In Search of Truth: A Course in Spiritual Psychology, by Glenville Ashby, is a book of selected writings ranging from 2013 to 2018 that seeks to answer those questions that many of us struggle to comprehend.

From death and the afterlife to the purpose of life itself, Ashby attempts to develop insight into such matters using his knowledge. His hunger for awareness, coupled with his PhD skill set, makes this an intelligent and thought-provoking read that is guaranteed to get the reader not just thinking, but, hopefully, starting a conversation and sharing his thoughts on both Ashby's writing and the subject at hand.

Admittedly, I was initially hesitant about reading this book just because I thought that Ashby was going to, like many others writing on such subjects, ignore the atheists and agnostics among us, me included.

I respect all faiths and believe that we are all entitled to develop our own concepts and ideas when it comes to the subject of spirituality. However, from reading similar books like this, atheists and agnostics are almost never included or referred to. Because of this, I tend to avoid such writing.

So I could not have been happier when Ashby stated in his preface that he believed that all people's views were equally important, regardless of their beliefs, or lack thereof.




I thoroughly recommend starting with Love is The Only True Religion. This collection can be referenced and dipped into as the reader deems it necessary, but this one is a tremendous eye-opening piece that should be read by everyone.

Ashby's drive, passion, and dedication to his subjects allow him to objectively search for what lies behind the choices we make, the way we behave, and how we approach such matters.

Each piece of writing is thought-provoking and comes at the subject from a neutral angle. Even though Ashby knows that some readers will not initially agree with his words, he works at posing a what if stance.

The book needs to be read with an open mind because that is precisely how I feel that Ashby has approached it. However, sadly, I think this may be harder for some to do than others. Ashby has undoubtedly tackled those somewhat taboo subjects that many prefer to stay away from, with suicide, death, and crucifixion controversy among them.

However, how Ashby takes on and expands on these subjects is commendable, and this is one of the reasons why I would urge those uncomfortable about such books to read just one piece themselves before passing any such judgement. I can guarantee most will be pleasantly surprised.

This is a fascinating collection, offering something different than your usual books on spiritual psychology. Fully accessible for those who may want to refer to it time and time again for spiritual guidance, if you are looking for an intellectual and stimulating read, with an openness to many different outcomes, then I can't recommend In Search of Truth enough.

'In Search of Truth: A Course in Spiritual Psychology' by Glenville Ashby, PhD Available at Amazon and iBooks

Publisher: GlenvilleAshbyBooks 2018 ISBN: 978 1718683082 Ratings: Essential