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Poem | Suzanne

Published:Sunday | July 29, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Suzanne Couch

Notice how Suzanne is a name you sing?

Hear the echo in the zanne:

How it vibrates where the tongue touches the palate

and in the larynx, the voice box?

Appropriate isn't it

For a singer to be named Suzanne:

To encapsulate the sound of your name.

To spend your life finding the tone,

The song, the rhythm, the melodies

The rifts in things and sharing them.

Ahh, to be named Suzanne.

To spend your life in the sound,

The zone, the zanne of Suzanne;

The tone, the rhythm, the melodies

The song and the rifts.

To find your lifeline in the sound in things

till all of you sings.

And we hear a song

in the water washing over Suzanne,


A tribute to Suzanne Couch by Ann-Margaret