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Published:Sunday | August 12, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Jamaica fifty-six


Jamaica, land of wood and water; beautiful,

A paradise, nestled in the Caribbean.

Military base it became when Spain could not find gol'.

About sixteen fifty five Britain defeated Spain and

Invest did they in sugarcane cultivation,

Causing the slave trade to grow, lasting many years.

Abolition came; lack of amelioration.

Freedom-fighters, slaves, celebrated with loud cheers

In eighteen thirty eight with emancipation.

For Jamaica, it was time to think with vision,

Then in nineteen sixty two the Union Jack was replaced.

Yes, we got our own flag, was an independent nation,

Self governance; our constitution, democracy-based.

Indeed we have come a long way, we're proud and strong,

Xaymaca, "Out of Many", here's where I belong.

Sandra Elizabeth Williams


Emancipation Park


It is always Summer in Emancipation Park

It soothes the nerves and exercises the curves

Whether early in the morning or late at night

The well manicured lawn and flowers blooming bright

Seen through high gates opened wide from five o'clock

until late at night.

In the cool, calm morning atmosphere, we jog or walk

As we sweat and talk

Lovely space with signs of information

about the plants and flowers of beautification

The eye-catching fountain is noisy

And the unforgettable statues

Stand to provoke controversy.

Emma-June Bell




Bush has ears and wall have eyes

Don't be surprised if everyone and everything is a spy

Omnipresence everything and everyone can see

Manifestation, thank you my Lord, our creator our thing but

Some a dem a tek your percepts fi a joke thing

Seeing is not always believing and nuh everything you hear you can believe

Nuff people can be deceiving, because dem want to have you as dem slave

Me and my people born in serving, and to my Lord Service is not a game

Some people are annoying, some people are just slow

But with the right teaching they all must grow

Life is not a play thing, the master has the keys

And all or most times when you pray to him must be on our knees

Interference can be disturbing, so remain focus and strive

And when you find my Lord you just found your lives

Not to worry about payment, hey with my Lord we have a fulgagement

Believe me everything inna di pipeline,

With my Lord, everything must be fine

For the righteous the jewels are oiling up

But for the wicked their bulbs so bust

Because I have seen the wicked spreading themselves like a green bay tree

Yet they pass away and lo! They was not

I try to find them but they could not be found

They just pass through to take up space and they all are just clowns

Omnipresent thank you creator a you pushes me further

All powerful as you should

My Lord my God my King a you a do everything

Omniscience a you a me daddy

You give, you take, you build, you break, you love, you hate

Thank you my Lord, my Creator, my king that now I am awake

Dwight R Poole