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Published:Sunday | August 19, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Solar Eclipse in Clayton, GA - August 21, 2017


Thank you mom


Dear, mom, mamma, mommy

I have a clue, just for you

Mamma, thank you for all those kisses you showered me with,

Thank you for not being missing

Thank you for all your wishes,

Thank you for all your dreams and aspirations for me,

Thank you for being my first misses,

Thank you for all your quizzes.

A mother, a mother is like a sun-ray,

Always seen, always keen, always clean,

Always thoughtful, always careful, always tactful,

Always act-full, always caring, always sharing

Always hearing, always daring

Mama, you're always industrious,

I think you're precious,

And you always dress us,

But you never pet us,

That's how we know you are illustrious and courageous

And always praying for us!!!!

Thank you mom,

And may your days be filled with beautiful sunshine.

Donald Dwyer


Solar Eclipse


The moon took its place

In front of the sun

But all I saw

Was a chivalrous moon

Part the lips

Of a tremulous sun

Staring into her chandelier eyes

A sun that had waited

More than an era

For a moment

Quite like this

And as moon's head descended

Shadowed in partial mist

Earth watched and waited

As moon and sun joined

In Heavenly, Solar kiss.

Lisa Gaye Taylor


At Last, I've Found You


I don't have to write sad poems anymore;

Neither will I spend another night alone.

I've searched a long time for a real love,

And at last, I've found you.

You've turned my darkness into light;

All my dull moments are now bright.

Euphoria replaces my sorrow,

My sullen days are gone,

And I no longer feel the loneliness.

Now I can smile because you've rescued me.

I thought love was through with me,

And all at once love is in my life.

You came and changed everything.

I'm so thrilled when you speak to me.

You give me warmth,

You bring me happiness,

You give me satisfaction,

You give me hope,

And above all, you give me love.

At last, I've found you.

I've waited so long for love to come to me.

Where have you been all this time?

My love for you is better than pure gold,

And I intend to make you proud of me.

Your love burns like an everlasting flame.

Dispiritedness filled my yesteryear,

But today my heart is overflowing with joy.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring,

But I'm so thankful to God that you're here.

At last, I've found true love.

- Marlon Pitter


Child of God


Thanks for the lessons thrown out ah door

so I have grown to love trees

can pick ackee with my mind and hands

Any early morning ... they stole my car

so I can now walk three miles with ease

Destroyed my books, my clothes, my memories

People on the streets,

replaced all this materially

And with love

Shattered my reputation

Now the broken glass reflects my sunlight

Many rainbows, putting me down jeering

Christ raising me up I stand up staring

Tore down the faucets, so there is no water

Funny a "wash-up" in a pan, cleans just as well

A bottle of H2O will always do

I don't hate anyone,

Dut these "events" have caused me

To love myself and God more

Actually smiling,

Because nothing keeps the Child of God

a child

Helen-Ann Elizabeth