Wed | Jul 17, 2019

My 'little sister' Ariel

Published:Sunday | September 16, 2018 | 12:00 AMA short story by Danae Lawrence


Ariel is my little sister, the last child for my mother. She came into our lives five years ago, and that's when all hell broke loose.

Ariel soon became jealous of my brother and me. She wanted our mother all to herself. Mom would give her breakfast before us. When we got ours, Ariel would sit down with her tongue stretched out her mouth like she had never eaten in her life.

She loved the attention so much.

Mom had this special moment where she would call Ariel, and I quote, "Ariel, my baby come to mommy, come kiss the mommy."

Seeing this, it was the turn of my brother and me to be jealous.

School was out, and we were home enjoying our summer break when a catastrophe took place. Ariel was bitten up by our neighbours' crazy dogs, and that's the day I understand the love my mom had for her. Emotionally it was hard, everyone started crying.

Ariel was in so much pain. My tears flowed like a river down stream for I knew not Ariel's faith.

Her eyes were red like a burning fire on the sea as the sunset goes down.

Our baby sister was taken to the vet for assistance in order to save her life. If anyone had told me that a dog could open wounds to our heart like a cut, I would tell them they were lying.

Ariel is a part of our family. It's the love and affection on a daily basis that keeps her going. She is better now, but the lesson in this story is to not take your animals for granted. Sometimes they may be our defender, our confidante.

A message to all Jamaicans: do not neglect your pet. We live in a country where there are so many stray dogs on the streets, helpless. They have a heart, they need love. Treat your dogs like family.

They are a man's best friend.

- Danae is 10-years-old and a student of Palm Summit Preparatory School.