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Countryman - celebration of the man and the movie - VIP screening of the Jamaican classic and Superhero on November 1

Published:Friday | October 26, 2018 | 12:00 AM
'Countryman', a Jamaican fisherman (second left), is the centre of attraction at the premiere of the film of the same name which was held in March 1982 at the Carib Theatre. 'Countryman' plays himself in the movie which always features well-known Jamaican Carl Bradshaw. The film is an Island Pictures production.

The screening of Countryman - one of Jamaica's first feature films - will be hosted by RenÈe Robinson, JAMPRO film Commissioner, and Dr Paul Rhodes, founder of Cinema Paradise, on the rooftop The Jamaica Pegasus on Thursday night, November 1 from 6:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Legend of Jamaican cinema Carl Bradshaw, Caribbean writer Ann Margaret Lim, and filmmaker Lennie Little White will lead discussions that will be moderated by journalist and critic Annie Paul.

As Rolling Stone writer Michael Thomas penned many years ago, "Countryman seemed this exceptional character. This was a guy who was equally an athlete, a deep thinker ... and seemed to be what everybody thought Jamaica was for."

The tribute to Countryman - Jamaica's new Superhero - will bring many patrons back to the early '80s. With panellists and other cast members such as Munair Zacca and Countryman's daughter Shuko, the promise of intelligent, important and stimulating discussions will certainly be realised.

Countryman's wife recently passed, which makes this event a tribute to not only the movie, but the man. Organisers have confirmed the attendance of his whole family and others who knew him back in the 1970s - a living symbol of real Rastafari when no one had even heard of reggae music.

The evening will open with young performers from Trench Town who will pay tribute to the soundtrack. A silent auction curated by Marina Burnel and Maelle Johnston of Jamaica Rising will be on display at the welcome reception and screening.

A mandatory donation of $2,000 is included in $5,000 ticket price. Proceeds of the VIP event will go to the Eira Shrader Home for the Aged in Trench Town. Tickets will be available on sale at The Jamaica Pegasus beginning Tuesday, November 29 2018, from noon to 7 p.m. For more information about the four-day festival, visit