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Published:Friday | November 9, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Deliverance from Poverty


Lord you came through for me

You delivered me from poverty

I will always worship thee

I will walk and conduct myself properly.

You heard my prayers in the night time

I held my shoulders back with hope

Sometimes I smile and laugh although I didn't have a dime

I knew with your help I would always cope.

I know I am your child since I was Five

My father always told me you had mansions above

I started giving the church my tithes

Suddenly, you sent your blessings down like doves.

- Hortense Francis


What motivates me?


She is drowning!

She cries viciously for help but no one can hear,

No one can hear her silent rhythm

No one can see her invisible tears

No one can visualise her torn up heart

No one can unscramble her scrambled thoughts

She wears a mask every day to cover her pain

She fakes an emotion every second to prevent complains

She covers her emotions with fawn foundation

She covers her lavish body with colourful couture to look radiant

No amount of make-up can carve a happy face

No amount of lipstick can cover the plastic smile

She try to portray a happy life but God knows she is dying inside

So why I am so motivated, you might ask?

I am motivated to replace the plastic smile

I am motivated to give her the life she never had

I am motivated to make her proud

I am motivated to give her the chance to wear a crown

I am motivated to stop the hunger

I am motivated to stop the tears

I am motivated to stop the discrimination

I am motivated to halt the fears

I am motivated to stop the ongoing suffering

I am motivated to stop the backlashes

I am motivated to see all her anger crashes

- Deanna Palmer