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Published:Sunday | November 18, 2018 | 12:00 AM


High School Crush



Words left unsaid

Diaries un-read

For fear it would betray

The turmoil in my head

I see other girls you're with

And imagined it was me

But hide for shame you will discover

My rabid jealousy.

I want to unleash passion's fist

To make you understand

How you could choose a girl

Who'd easily discard you

Over a girl who'd treat you

Like a man

As I watch your bevy of shrews

That could easily set you free

I fantasise on a first kiss from

That would never be.

I can't seem to fathom

In a World that could be caring

How you continue to choose

All that's vulgar, troublesome

Or domineering

When you finally came around

To a shyer love like me

Even though I've always loved you

All I wanted to do was flee

Because you and your company of sirens

Seemed to never part

And I was tired of singing

'How could an Angel break my heart?'

Even though I'm grown

You have never set me free

Of the umbilical cord of a love

That would never let me be.

- Lisa Gaye Taylor





This loneliness traps me like a prison

I am encased in its suffocating grip

Its iron shackles pin my heart

Securely in the dark dreary pit

Of despair and longing.

This stranglehold on my heart

Tightens and threatens to

Suck the oxygen from the thread-like dreams

Of ever finding true love.

Its thunderous crush


Relentlessly Against the dying pulse of optimism that

Delays the dying light of fading hope.

This cell of loneliness

Stifles my angry shouts and

Suppresses m maddening cries for

Genuine love and devotion

And final freedom from this fiery furnace of

the dragon of dejection.

Edwin Davis