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Published:Friday | January 4, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Flag circle in downtown Kingston
The nativity scene


I Dream of a Better Jamaica



I Dream of a Better Jamaica

A Jamaica -That can create all the jobs the people need.

A Jamaica Where everyone is Trained to do something

A Jamaica Were we can all live in peace and love

A Jamaica Without killing

A Jamaica Without corruption

A Jamaica That runs on low taxes and high productivity,

A Jamaica That can create the opportunities its people need

A Jamaica Where everyone canearn a liveable wage

A Jamaica That can direct young people on the path to progress

A Jamaica Where our diaspora feel at home and appreciated

A Jamaica Where our pensioner receives the minimum wage

A Jamaica where returning residents receive a red carpet welcome

A Jamaica where all Jamaicans have a job to go to

A Jamaica Where the school system benefit; our students, teachers, Parents and the Economy

A Jamaica that appreciate the media for keeping people informed

A Jamaica that is led by agriculture, manufacturing, businesses, and services

A Jamaica That'll implement and monitor our laws and regulations

I Dream of a better Jamaica

N. Anthony McDonald


The New Year



The New Year has a memory.

It is interested now in moving on

Without looking back at the broken bits of a squalid past

Unless, that past has sought to cleanse itself!

Repentance, wrought through introspection

Is what it will accommodate

And nothing else!

There is vibrancy and determination for

Our country to breathe fresh air

Instead of the stench of trepidation, seemingly,



We must work together.

To uplift our own, and others lives.

Nor should stragglers be enticed

To waste the country's time

By shifting its equilibrium

Via salacious slips and slides.

We were born here for a purpose.

We must fulfil our destinies

Not through chaos

Nor ridicule

Nor outrage

Nor petulance

Nor selfishness

Nor pomposity

Nor flagrant self pity!

We need to move up a notch!

Look out at hope.

Bypass the traps.

In a country which is blessed

Let's view this New Year as a test

And work for the very best!

Peace and Love for 2019!

!Paz y amor para 2019!

Erica Brown Marriott



Flower of Christmas


There is a flower a pretty flower

It's the flower of Christmas.

This flower from Mexico

that came to Carolina

and now to Jamaica

is the flower of Christmas.

This flower is the symbol of Christmas

This flower is like a star

This flower came from afar

Announcing Jesus's birth

It is the symbol of Christmas

It is full of mirth.

There is a flower a pretty flower.

It's the flower of Christmas.

Emma-June Bell


Bigger than Gold



I'm bigger than Gold

Gold can be taken away

I'm a Super Nova

My shine can't be taken away

I'm Vybz Kartel

Without the tattoos

Usain with nine medals- you took one

Jamaica gets the blues

You're not defined by silver or gold-

So dem a check yu profile

But you're so much bigger

So it doesn't even matter

Like Alton Ellis, 'Let them try'

Even Usain got Silver

Before he got Gold

What would have happened if he'd given up?

Or just sold his soul?

But we're bigger than Gold

Gold can be taken away

Usain nuh play number two

Look how him no stop beat up Gay

Now demteck back di Gold

Like it's a conspiracy

From mi hear di sad news

Mi no stop drink cerasse

Dem finally ketch Bolt

Wait all till him get di triple

But wi bigger dan Gold

An wi athletes dem no cripple

If yucyaa ketch quackoo,

yu ketch him shut

But a wi name Big League!

A wi name World Cup!

We sweat when we're hot

And shiver when cold

How yu fi charge wi

Fi urine sample

Whe fifty years old?

It could very easily

Get tampered with

At the time

The stimulant wasn't even

On the banned substance list

But now Bolt get di triple

So yardies fi quit

But wi bigger than Gold

And it's simple as this

We's a people whe love God

And Bolt wia pray, datyu get back yu triple

But dem haters a 'matter'

The smallest particle

Whe indivisible

Please Bolt

Don't be shattered

Know you're God's Golden Child

And one Bishop from St Thomas

Sey him a check yu

Wid di 'Get back di triple oil'

Gold, Silver or Bronze

Jamaicans are with you-

No matter how far

Even if you're second to man

Know you're God's Golden Star

You're a Super Nova

They can only watch you afar

You're bigger than Gold

Gold can be taken away

Jamaica nuh play number two

Wi beat up Gatlin and Gay.


Lisa Gaye Taylor