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Autism awareness seminars at Sam Sharpe Teacher’s College

Published:Sunday | June 16, 2019 | 12:23 AM

The Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College will be hosting the first in a series of workshops for parents, teachers, and caregivers of persons living with autism spectrum disorders.

The seminars will run from June 26-27 and will feature presentations by local and overseas-based special education and behavioural specialists, teacher trainers, and coaches.

The conferences are being organised by Canada-based optician and member of the Autism Society of Toronto Dr Ronald Wong and US-based author and educator, Lena McCalla Njee.

“This workshop is on autism awareness, which I think will benefit not just teachers, but parents, caregivers, and anyone who has or works with an autistic child,” McCalle Njee explains.

Presenters include Lena McCalla Njee, an alumni of Sam Teachers’ College, she holds a BA in psychology and a MA in Special Education with concentration on educating children with autism.

An author, educator, and workshop facilitator, McCalla Njee specialises in teaching children diagnosed with autism. She has held workshops on children with Autism in England, Jamaica, and China.

- Jennifer Roberts is a special education teacher and specialist in educating children with autism. She is skilled in Applied Behaviour Analysis Methodologies.

- Amy Allen is a master educator, student advocate, coach, and teacher trainer who is skilled in training teachers how to integrate special-needs students in the regular classroom.

- Michelle Cumberbatch, a life-long educator and specialist in educating children with autism, is skilled in applied behaviour analysis methodologies and in helping teachers to create teaching aides from everyday materials.

- Vinneth Davy, is a special education teacher, workshop facilitator and specialist in educating children with autism. She is skilled in applied behaviour analysis methodologies.