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Published:Sunday | June 16, 2019 | 12:23 AM

Dear Father


Dear father, thank you.

Thank you for always being there for me.

Thank you for being the best father that you could ever be.

Thank you for playing, praying and staying with me.

Thank you for protecting me and providing for me in every way.

Thank you for the love in everything that you say.


Dear father, I love you.

I love you despite all your flaws

And your strict parent, child, family laws.

I love you for all the sacrifices that you have made.

And I am not just talking about all the bills that you have paid.

I love you for all that you do.

And I am confident that you love me too.


God took the strength of a lion,

The warmth of a sunny day,

The calmness of a still river,

The beauty of a garden,

The wisdom of Solomon,

The patience of Job,

The power of vision,

The faith of a mustard seed,

The humility of a sheep,

The joy of a happy child,

The agility of a monkey,

And the love of family and mixed them all together.

Finally, when there was nothing else to add God said that his masterpiece was complete,

And so he called you father.

Dear father, thank you.


Erika Heslop Martin



# # #





Your name means so much to me;

It evokes strength, warmth, security;

The rational, whimsical, humorous one,

Who works hard and provides for everyone!



Your character gives me faith,

That I will someday find a mate;

An honest, kind, respectful man,

Beside whom I will proudly stand!



Your concern, when I am sad,

Has turned the tide and made me glad;

You comprehend unspoken words,

How oft my thoughts you have discerned!



You made home a place of joy,

You gave us more than gifts and toys;

You reared us like true Bourgeoisie,

In name and nature, that we'd be!



We're grateful for your love,

Your care, your exemplary standards;

We're delighted that you have seen,

How effective your love and care have been!



We'll continue to live our lives

With vision and courage undisguised;

Remembering all you sacrificed,

For us to be ethical, and upright, and wise!


Hyacinth Burgess-Gregory



# # #



Celebrating Fathers


You’ve never been afraid

to change diaper

put him in a basin and soap him clean


hold your daughter close to your chest

pat her back until she burped


sit in the rocking chair and watch day

fold into night as you hum her to sleep


or get up in the middle of the night

after he cried and your wife nursed him


you paced the floor rubbing ice on his

teething gum repeating hush-hush


until he fell asleep snuggled in the fold

of your arms that have gone numb


You know how to brush her hair

tie in ribbons or decorate with barrettes


make porridge and coax her to eat

and not get upset when food spill on your


starched work shirt you quickly have to change

before taking them to school


you run around with them in the yard

make the hose a spray

teach them how to climb trees

pick a ripe mango

take them with you to the market

telling then the names of things

yam, pumpkin, chocho, dasheen

scallion, thyme, jackfruit, guinep


Sundays you take them to the beach

teach them to float and swim

kneel in the sand with them and

build sand-castle let them bury

you in the sand


you’re not afraid to laugh or play

peek-a-boo or say

daddy don’t know when they

ask where the sun goes when it sets


when he falls off his bicycle and bruises

his knee you lift him up and apply detol

you don’t admonish him and tell him

boys don’t cry tough it up


you know that being a man is

not just one thing

being a man is loving yourself

your wife and children

and not being afraid of being vulnerable


being a man is being there for your children

teaching them by example

how to love and care for one another

how to be soft and when to be hard


being a man is taking responsibility

for your children and providing

for them financially and emotionally


being a father is celebrating

love for yourself and your community

being a father is honour and dedication

and you wear fatherhood with pride and

a life-time commitment


Opal Palmer Adisa