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Published:Sunday | September 8, 2019 | 12:25 AM

Conscious voices

We’ll not dissolve into the folds of quietude due to fear!

Those who try to frighten us are often, themselves, scared.

We’ll not allow the bawdy crowd to extricate us from ourselves

Or, reach for us, in any way, whilst tarnishing themselves.

We know who we are and where we ought to go.

We know what we want to harness, even as we grow.

We wear our pride quite consciously and will imbibe nobody’s shame.

Call us what you wish, because, at no point in the game

Will we become the, shielded, docile, pictures in the frame!

– Erica Brown Marriott


Jamaican Pride?

We are no longer “enslaved” they say.

For 57 years we are independent!

Our ancestors fought to ensure this was consistent.

Emancipation day was such a joy – No slaves, No chains.

But our minds are stuck with the whip still tied around our brains.

From that brutal history we were never the same.

We don’t need a slave master to own and kill us.

We are celebrating 57 years of independence of killing ourselves, ourselves.

We slaughter women and children like animals.

Stuff their bodies in bags and throw them in a canal.

Corruption and crime running in line, fast like Bolt it broke the record

9.58 seconds.

Equity for all – No man is above the law.

But still my skin crawls knowing this is just a flaw.

For 57 years the “Justice” system has been spinning reckless

Like the Mercedes in the middle of Dunrobin – careless.

“Wi likkle but wi tallawah!” tallawah indeed.

Jamaica land we love! Land of blood and guns.

Independence Day is here and I don’t have to celebrate in fear.

But when will that day be? I’ll have to wait and see.

Darkness hid between palm trees and cool breeze

We fail to see what should not be.

Staring at the smiling sun while crying for peace, please.

But this is our Jamaican pride, filtered by the Caribbean Sea.

Nabita Smith


Tribute to Miss Lou

Suh Miss Lou tun hundrid September seven

Wat a piece a celebration gwine teck place inna heaven

Ring Ding a kip wid di angel dem an Saint Peeta

Miss Lou gwine teach dem di dialec weh wi call patois

“No Likkle Twang”

Dem ago play

“Guh dung a Manuel Road, gallang bwoy, fi guh bruk rock-stone”

Ef dem finga eva mash dem caan cry

Causen seh a play dem a play!

Miss Lou meck sure yuh tell dem weh Aunty Roachy use tuh seh

“Wen puss hungry him nyam ratta”

Dem aguh hear bout di trickster Brer Anansi

Dem aguh hear bout “Miss Matty an har Bun & Cheese”

Tell dem bout Brer Tocuma ef yuh please

Miss Lou yuh neva did hear

Big things a gwaan a Gordon Town Square

It aguh name Louise Bennett Square

An inna Canada a big celebration gwine teck place

Fi commemorate yuh 100 birthday anniversary

Wid di McMaster University

Miss Lou yuh is Jamaica cultural icon

Jamaica leading comedienne an patois beacon

Miss Lou yuh iz mi inspiraata, mi influensa

Miss Lou iz wurl renown an mi patois menta

Mi seh tenky tu di Cultural Minista an di Govanment a Jamaica

An McMaster University fi honour har pon har 100 birthday anniversary

Miss Lou says “Unnu walk good an meck good duppy follow unnu”

Happy 100th birthday Miss Lou!

– Sharon Johnson-Wright


Who Am I?

Who am I?

I need to know

What can I accomplish?

Was I just put here with a mind so bare?

I keep searching for the answer

From hither and from yonder

My mind is my refuge

And my thoughts my home

I keep looking ever closely

In my past and on

I keep searching, searching

For who I am

Now I’ve found the answer

To my question so peculiar

I’m what I tell myself I am

And what I alone know

How I found the answer

Only me could ever answer

I’ve found out the key to my question

Who I am

In my hands alone I hold.

– Lisa Gaye Taylor