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Published:Sunday | September 15, 2019 | 12:21 AM

Celebration of Gleaner 185

Cum yah mi fren, mek mi and yu talk

Yu nu hear wah a gwan down a Sir William Grant Park

Downtown a go buzz like a beehive

Nuh Gleaner Company a celebrate 100 and 85,

Dem have banner wid dem slogan big and bold

‘The Gleaner where life unfold’

Mi really did wan stop and join inna dem celebration,

Trust mi dem mek mi feel proud to be a Jamaican

But mi an yu know how it go wid Mr. Mckytire

Next thing mi go stop fi celebrate wid dem and get fire

It’s a great milestone fi reach 185

But mi haffi keep mi likkle 9-5

Right now a 11:55, an mi kan wait fi lunchtime fi go celebrate wi dem

Mi wish mi cudda bring back fimi love ones to life

Cause gleaner a 185 and still ‘alive’

– Ricardo Grant