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Melanie Schwapp to launch ‘Lest We Find Gold’

Published:Sunday | November 3, 2019 | 12:28 AM

L est We Find Gold, written by Melanie Schwapp and published by Bala Press, will be launched on November 6.

The book moves in several directions in a captivating, rhythmic maypole dance of brightly coloured and subtle-hued stories of life, love, and living, weaving in and out, braiding intricate patterns of ‘livity’ in intense and deep concentration from the golden centre pole of Millicent ‘Milly’ Pratt’s life.

Lest We Find Gold uncovers deep-rooted issues of insecurity, domestic abuse, social prejudice, internal struggles of fear, power and acceptance, and other issues that make up the fabric of life.

It also uncovers the ‘kaftan’ that cloaked Pratt in self-deception, confusion, and pain. Schwapp also releases herself to the freedom of her “naked finery” and moves forward – beyond the “tarnished gold” of the past – to the embrace of a renewed life rich with the true golden flavours and stories of her own creation.

Schwapp is author of Dew Angels, which won both the 2014 Literary Classics Gold Award for Cultural Issues and the Words on Wings Top Honors Award.

Her short story, Granny Dead, won Jamaica’s representation in the 2018 Commonwealth Anthology Novel.