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Meeting Ground – Part IV - Poetry Collaboration between Jamaica and Puerto Rico

Published:Sunday | January 5, 2020 | 12:00 AM

In this the fourth and last instalment of the Jamaica/Puerto Rico Christmas Poetry collaboration, we experience the side of the holidays that would not make the Hallmark movie Christmas list; the side we try to forget at this time of year, but a side that is always with us ––the reality of murders, helplessness and guilt, for example, of which Jamaican poet Tricia Wint Allen writes – Ann-Margaret


Unlike traditional poems written in lines and stanzas, Xavier Valcárcel’s experimental, unpunctuated prose poem “43” flows on like the relentless barrage of words that we encounter each day in advertising, social media, television, and the news. To understand the technique of the poem, a reader could think of it as similar to Jamaican dub-music, in which several sound samples can be cut and spliced together to make a song.

Or one could compare the prose poem to the experience of flipping television channels or scrolling web pages on our cellphones while reading snippets of words from each link. His collage poem splices together bits and fragments of language that he has taken from advertising, local Puerto Rican news, and international news to show how Christmas is a season in which our colonised territory and its people are bombarded by the ceaseless rhetoric and pressures of capitalism and violence – Loretta



Christmas Past


Last night in hospital

Amid the smell of sanitised air


I saw you among angels,

a roaming shadow.


Not you George, once alive with that smile

brighter than Christmas lights.


Not you George with that smell

sweeter than Christmas rum cake.


I saw, among angels,

your roaming shadow


muted like that Christmas Eve night

they dragged you from that party


on Hip Strip – swallowed screams

in the cup of their hands


threw you in a car,

tied a scandal bag over your head.


I knew then who they were

should have screamed but didn’t.


Fear kept me huddled in a corner

brought me back to my babyfather’s hut of a house


where I washed your blood from his clothes

on Christmas morning.


On New Year’s afternoon

your family found your corpse


abandoned amid bush and bamboo –

your face half-eaten by John crows


Yet, here you are in my memories.

Here your shadow roams in my room


at the hospital, as the doctors

scramble to save me.


I smell your accusation

like a whiff of sea salt and sweat


and marijuana at the party

where I last saw you.


– Tricia Wint-Allen (Jamaica)



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– Xavier Valcárcel (Puerto Rico) – (translated from Spanish by Maria Grau Perejoan and Loretta Collins Klobah; poem originally published in Restos de lumbre y despedida, 2012)


About the editors and translators:

Ann-Margaret Lim is a poet who has published two critically acclaimed poetry books – The Festival of Wild Orchid and Kingston Buttercup. Loretta Collins Klobah is a poet, translator, and professor of Caribbean Literature at the University of Puerto Rico in San Juan. Maria Grau Perejoan is a lecturer at The University of the Balearic Islands in Mallorca (Spain) and a literary translator, specialising in Caribbean literature.